PayPal Donation Button

Yesterday I found a comment on my blog about an idea of a PayPal Donation Button to help save my house.  I’ve paced and thought about this ever since I read the comment.  I’m just not sure about it; I mean I know how the donation button works and how to put it on this blog but I’m just now sure if a.) it’s an appropriate thing to do and b.) if I have the readership for the button to be of any use which brings me to c.) if no one responded to it then it could devastate me, I mean I am bipolar and an alcoholic so my brain doesn’t process rejection well.  But then I come to what else can I do?  Why not try it?  If it turns out to be an unappropriate thing and brings me hate mail then I know how to delete it.  I need to hear from my readers on this, please complete the poll or leave comments to let me know what you think about it {whether good or bad}, use an anonymous name if need be,  a simple yes or no, or a long drawn out comment; anything is fine as long as I can get the jist of how my readers would feel about this.