Obtained Results

I work for Allstate as a customer call center agent.  It’s really as stupid as it sounds but it pays good money.  Bear with me.

I have placed 47th place out of 563 for my team in January that I work for.  This is huge for me because in February I need to place within 200 and in March 100.  This means I have breathing room to keep my job.

Anyway.  I didn’t have anyone of the adult variety to share with, so I am to you.  Thanks, much appreciated.

There’s No Coming Back From This Bob

Did you know you can emotionally die?  I didn’t either until a building came crashing down on my chest and my head decided to be a helium balloon.  That’s what my body feels like right now.  I know it’s insane.

I’ve ask for permission to die.  I’ve literally asked for that.  Of course I’ve been denied.  People who are in final stages of cancer, diabetes, and heart failure get to make that decision but I don’t.

I’m in the final stages of Bipolar Disorder.    It’s disgusting, embarrassing, painful, and raw.

I have lost everything to this Disorder.  I’ve lost everything to Alcoholism.

There’s no coming back Bob.