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Yesterday I found a comment on my blog about an idea of a PayPal Donation Button to help save my house.  I’ve paced and thought about this ever since I read the comment.  I’m just not sure about it; I mean I know how the donation button works and how to put it on this blog but I’m just now sure if a.) it’s an appropriate thing to do and b.) if I have the readership for the button to be of any use which brings me to c.) if no one responded to it then it could devastate me, I mean I am bipolar and an alcoholic so my brain doesn’t process rejection well.  But then I come to what else can I do?  Why not try it?  If it turns out to be an unappropriate thing and brings me hate mail then I know how to delete it.  I need to hear from my readers on this, please complete the poll or leave comments to let me know what you think about it {whether good or bad}, use an anonymous name if need be,  a simple yes or no, or a long drawn out comment; anything is fine as long as I can get the jist of how my readers would feel about this.

7 thoughts on “PayPal Donation Button

  1. I wanted to mention that I have contacted WP Support and they have given me the go ahead on a donation button, that it is okay to have on my blog and it wouldn’t get my blog suspended. Thanks WordPress!

    • Yeah, I checked around when I was considering it. I guess as long as your intentions are clear, and you’re not trying to use to sell products, it’s OK. Good luck! 🙂

  2. I came up with the same list of reasons not to add a Donate button to gather cash for a better PC to keep my blog going. As you can see, I never did it.

    But yours is a much more fundamental need! Even though I’d still have the same list of excuses not to if my need was as great as yours, I still advise you to do it! It certainly can’t make the real world situation any worse (the one outside your head).

    This is definately a case where need should trump fear! 🙂

  3. I think it’d be fine if you did it. I was thinking about doing it except I’d feel like I was taking money from others. I’d totally donate to your house cause (because believe me I don’t want to lose my house so I’m sympathetic with you there) but I really cannot afford it right now. I would put a donation button on up on my blog but I’d rather my mom didn’t know I blogged.

  4. I only know two people who have ever received a significant amount of money through a PayPal thing on a blog… both have large readerships.

    Furious Seasons has a month-long fund raiser four times a year, and can raise up to US$12,000-$16,000 over the year. He usually gets the money in small(ish) amounts, like $10 and $60 donations.

    The other one, and I think she only did it once, maybe twice, is a blogger who has a lot of readers who are friends, there’s also a significant fetish crowd as well, and she also has a significant online ‘social media’ / offline media presence. I know she paid her rent once, but maybe twice.

    Both sites also receive more ‘hits’ in a day than I do in a week, or even a month. And they both offer a service to their readers.

    I’d say go for it, but don’t lose it in your sidebar. Blog about it occasionally, like a PBS station trying to keep Big Bird employed.

    I’d also say, don’t pin any large expectations on this.

  5. Hello all of you! Thank you so much for responding. I just want to tell you all that I will be responding in a more lengthy reply sometime tomorrow. I just want to give it one more day before I decide what I am going to do. Thank you so much for responding!

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