New Social Vibe Widget

Just a quick post this morning while I enjoy a nice warm cup of joe.  I want to point everyone to my new social vibe widget, I felt the need to change it yesterday as images of Haiti filled my TV screen, mind, and heart.  I don’t think any one of us can understand the amount of destruction that has happened to that wonderful, beautiful place and even with a mom like I have and the emotional and physical abuse I had to endure because of that, I can’t understand the destruction of the lives of the people that call Haiti their homeland, their soil, their heart and souls.  Think of your favorite city and imagine walking through it with 50,000 dead people lying in the streets.  I think anyone of us would call a place like that uninhabitable;  terror and horror would fill our minds and hearts.

So I went searching for a new Social Vibe widget and found one that will donate trees to Haiti, which isn’t anything that they need right now but hopefully someday, they will need it.  So please have fun with it!