Keep It Simple Saturday

Today is Saturday so you know what that means, I’m trying to move as little as possible and I’m reading.  Check out this book I found, it’s called Tales from the Hotel Central by Gil C. Schmidt and it’s so good it has a book trailer:

Mr. Schmidt is a superb author even though he’s a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  Check out some of his writing here:  Gil The Jenius and here:  Gil Schmidt At Work.  I promise you won’t be sorry.

Enjoy YOUR Simple Saturday!

Keep It Simple Saturday

This year I made a simple goal for myself to not read anything heavy, I mean I can if I want to but I’m for reading fun dribble this year.  24 books, just 24.  Shouldn’t be too hard, of course talk to me in December 2012 when I’m freaking because I haven’t had anytime to read but I figure 2 books a month is doable for me without any pressure.  (btw the Goodreads widget is using is awful, I haven’t decided what I want to do about that.  Anyone know of a ‘currently reading’ book widget that is compatible with

So for my first Keep It Simple Saturday post of 2012; I’m drinking pumpkin spiced flavored coffee and reading Thirst by Claire Farrell.  It’s fun and sassy right now in Chapter 6 so I’m relaxing and having a great time today.

How about all of you?  Reading anything enjoyable?  Not so enjoyable but making yourself do it?  How simple is your Saturday, even if it has nothing to do with books and coffee?