National Blogging Month! YAY!


Just joined the National Blogging Month for July. The link above isn’t working and I don’t why but if you’d like to check it out, go here… ( ) or you can check out more about on WordPress’s Blog at ( ). It should be fun! Hope to see you all there! Happy Blogging for the month of July.

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I’m Depressed

So I have my pumpkin seeds in the ground and my hubby mowed the grass real quick so he would have time to take me to Home Depot to get plants and seeds of all sorts since he’ll be out-of-town for Mother’s Day.  I’m kinda bummed because he is the only one I have to teach my kids appreciation for me, THE Mother!  Anyway I’ll probably have more on that.

I think I am depressed and done BUT I am also satisfied with myself because I have my pumpkins and veggies growing and I get to enjoy that.

I so need a meeting but hubby is leaving tomorrow until Sunday evening.  Happy Mother’s Day to me.

Teacher’s Appreciation Week

Quick note … it seems it’s going to rain forever.  So no I haven’t been able to work in the pumpkin patch yet, lets hope it clears up sometime today.

Another quick note … laundry sucks and I’m so behind.  I know it’s raining so do the laundry but man I started reading a good book and that seems so much more stimulating then the laundry.  I hate laundry and need a laundry maid.  Heck, I just need a maid.

What am I reading?  Well I wanted to read something to go with the current times and had The Eleventh Plaque lying around.  I have been pleasantly shock that I’m enjoying it.

So today starts Teacher Appreciation Week and luckily I shot up off the couch at 8pm last night remembering my daughter needed to bring in a flower for her teacher.  Actually the lucky part was getting to the store and picking up the last single flower while a pack of Mom’s that forgot also came in behind me.  Getting home and telling my hubby, he says “You should’ve split a bouquet with them all.”  Well crud, thanks hun for taking my proud moment and spoiling it.  I never thought of that and hope they all did that.  I know I wouldn’t want to go store to store at 8pm looking for a flower.  Anyway I have a split heart when it comes to this week, don’t get me wrong I love teachers and think that they definately deserve this week.  HOWEVER my daughters teacher doesn’t impress me any.  Sure she’s learning and loves school but I have tried communicating over and over again this year with her teacher on different issues with my daughter, to no response from the teacher.  I’m kind of disappointed in that fact.  Now then my son’s speech teacher is out of this world!  So I have no qualms to do anything for her.  Does me being disappointed in my daughters teacher count with taking other peoples inventories? 

Okay I have to start sorting the mounds of laundry but wanted to stop by and say…

Hug a teacher today, they make a world of difference!

Smarts and Funny

Have you ever looked at your kids and thought, ‘damn they are perfect for who they are.’  Know what I mean?  My daughter is 8 and she is a knowledge seeker, I couldn’t imagine her wanting or doing or demanding anything else.  My son who is almost 4 is a comedian but yet feelings come to him very intensely.  I also couldn’t imagine him wanting or doing or demanding anything else from life.

My daughter whom is in second grade is being thrown into math fiercely, they haven’t mastered multipulcation but have already moved onto division so you can imagine her frustration and tiredness at times.  So my hubby and I came up with some math sheets she can do and can earn a quarter for each sheet that she gets a 100% on.  Okay I am going to mention here that math is no where near my strong suite.  So she gets home from school, tired and worn out, tells me she had three tests today and then notices the sheets on the dining room table and asks about them.  I explain there purpose and she’s all over it.  All of a sudden, she is no longer tired or worn out, she’s ready to get on with it.  She sits next to me and as I am planning out the garden, she’s writing and adding and inventing ideas of how to complete these sheets quick and right.  She quickly figures out the patterns of the math problems and I can see it in her eyes that she’s filing away every answer into a seperate math compartment in her brain.  I could see she was learning, I could actually see that in her eyes and gestures.  I begin to see a small self satisfying smile come to the corners of her mouth.  And I realized right then, that she is perfect for who she wants to be.

My son whom I can only explain to you as perpetual motion, loves to pretend and has begun to tell stories and has decided that no matter what in life, he will make you laugh.  So I am out looking at the garden, wondering what would be the quickest and easiest way to turn the soil to plant everything this weekend and he is running around playing…going to work and buying gatorade.  Don’t ask me, but that’s what he has decided is his job and to make it a hoot his car has broken down and he must now walk to work to get the gatorade.  He constantly comes up to me with a blade of grass and proceeds to let me know that this is cherry gatorade or lime gatorade and lets me drink them, that’s his job.  One time he comes up to me and I’m expecting a blade of lime gatorade grass and he puts his two pointer fingers together instead and says, “Break this pickle!”  So I proceed and break it with my pointer finger and he quickly goes “Tickle, tickle” and tickles me.  Okay so it doesn’t really tickle but well I laugh hystarically anyway.  Okay, I just don’t know much else that is that funny from an almost four year old boy.  It’s like he knows that’s what you need or want at the time, to laugh, to not think of actual stuff, to be a silly pickle breaking Mommy.  And I realize right then, that he is perfect for who he wants to be.

I love my children.

It’s Raining and Pouring and the Old Man is Snoring

I felt kind of hurt at my daughters busstop this morning when all the Mom’s were joking and smiling, talking but when I moved closer but not too close, they moved away.  I hope this whole flu scare goes away soon, I’m starting to feel lonely.  Apparently h1n1 has now reached Maryland and Rockville High School closed down today.  I think we should all just get together, cough and sneeze on one another and get this thing over with.  I saw on the news yesterday that some schools in Texas are off until May 11th, there are going to be some very bored children running around down there.  Another note on the subject…my Dad went to the doctors two weeks ago.  Since he has heart disease, diabetes, and problems with his liver and kidneys, the doctor gave him three infectious disease shots and he got the flu from them…he survived the flu and well he’s pretty much about dead so why are all of these people in Mexico deceased from this.  I wonder why two weeks ago his doctor felt it necessary to give those to him?  But anyway…we’re all going to get sick so we might as well get it over with and get all the panic and mania of this over with also.  Am I really suppose to get an emergency food and supply kit together? 

Today it’s friday and raining.  I really need to get my garden ready and plant the pumpkin seeds or else when Halloween comes around we won’t have anything to carve and this year we want my daughter to run a ‘pumpkin stand’ in the front yard to earn a little extra change, she’s old enough now to learn about the importance of making your money and knowing how hard and frustrating but fun it can be sometimes.  And there’s no reason why we can’t get her little brother involved also, although he’s only four he can still use anything to keep him out of trouble!  LOL  I also think this year we are going to do more veggies, like the first year we were here but since I have been a bubbling mess emotionally for the past couple years, I just haven’t felt like it.  I think it would be good for me to have to do this year, keep my hands and mind on something other than thinking.  I think it’s going to rain all day though so I’ll have one more day of puttering, pacing and thinking, maybe I’ll write out my plan for the garden.

My hubby will play cards tonight and yesterday we found out that he won a $100 ticket into a charity poker event close by so he’ll be playing in that tomorrow night, so his weekend is full.  I am so jealous!  I would love to go fishing or play poker or heck just have a night of quietness.  I want to switch places this weekend.  That won’t be happening anytime soon though, I mean this isn’t some romantic comedy movie.

I think I hear the laundry calling.  I’m sure I’ll be extra bored today and tonight so you’ll hear more blabbering from me.