An Alcoholic, Bipolarized Woman named Bats

It all started on an alcoholism detox ward six years 7  8 years (damn did I just update that age again ?)years ago. 10 years ago.

“You do know you are Bipolar, right?”

Apparently this day and age to be diagnosed as Bipolar at the age of 32 isn’t an okay thing, then again I hadn’t been to THIS detox ward yet.  I went in there because I could no longer manage my alcohol abuse and ended up with knowledge of psychosis, delirium, aggression and worst yet…I am just like my mother.  Whole other issue that I’ve explained only a tad in this blog, it’s an issue that plagues me too much to even write about.  Mainly this blog is about my trials, tribulations, happiness, heartships, lows and highs of my Bipolarized, alcoholic life.

And now, enough of that crap…how about a bit about Bats???

I’m a middle-aged *cough *cough woman.  I enjoy hammocks, books, COFFEE, furry animals, and anything green.  Well almost anything green; I’ve recently discovered that boiled okra reminds me of snot so no I don’t enjoy okra. I love post-it notes to the point of having them all over my house with topics to write about on them, some topics get written about while others just collect dust on the post-it note but hey it gets the ideas out of my brain and that’s the point of it, so there.

I do not enjoy anything slimy, or with no feet; really creeps me out.

I also do not enjoy my neighbors much

I originated in the capital of the USA and since have lived all over the east coast.  Enjoyed the snobbish part Maryland the most, while the Southeast I’m having issues fitting in and so is my dog btw.  It’s too damn hot for her.  She’s a sheltie and well wearing a fur coat and being in a hundred degree weather is not a great idea.  But I love her, almost as much as coffee, The Philadelphia Eagles and The Walking Dead.



It’s funny to read this.  I’m such a nerd.  HAHA.  I wrote this so long ago.  I still do not enjoy my neighbors.  My dog lived to be 20.  I of course love coffee and the Eagles.  I hate politics and would rather the ‘snobbish’ part of Maryland than this shit.  Give me The Walking Dead and Supernatural,  I’m doing okay.  Please include coffee with those.  I don’t do post-it notes anymore.  Okra is still not a thing.  And I am still a ‘middle aged’ bipolar alcoholic woman.


It’s funny to read my description of myself.  I don’t know who I am.  I’m not sure I care who I am at this point.  I still love coffee and the Philadelphia Eagles though.

54 thoughts on “An Alcoholic, Bipolarized Woman named Bats

  1. Quite the ride. I’m glad your turning your setback into a positive to help others. They will accept you more because you have been there and struggle as they do. Keep looking forward as you walk through life.

    ~Lady T

  2. That’s what I am hoping. For myself personally I would rather have someone whose been there to help me than someone who has absolutely no clue how dark the darkness really can get.
    Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  4. I’d say it takes a lot of courage to face your issues,maybe more so to share your experience in a blog like this one.
    I’ve had a few battles of my own with addiction, some are still ongoing, I’ve had friends and family whose lives were turned upside-down through alcohol and/or drug abuse,and gambling.
    Unless these things have touched you personally it’s hard to understand the pain and torment involved. I wish you well with your blog and your life’s journey.
    I’ll try to read and comment on your other posts soon..


    • Cents I’m sorry to hear you are in an active addiction mode. I thank you for your kind words and am so happy you have stopped by and shared a bit of your story here.

    • Hi again. Just thought you should know it’s almost April. Are you having girl problems? ’cause I’ve got 99 problems but the b*tch ain’t one.

      When you’re ready, come on back.

  5. I have read your posting here outlining your reasons for blogging and I as a reader of WordPress am adding a comment, as I have in the past commented upon Holly’s Space too, you seem a decent sort of person willing to add your support towards others, and Holly is not wrong to be watchful of online threats as there are definitely some unscrupulous loathsome individuals that stalk and harass people within networking communities but have you even bothered to read any of my comments upon her blogs, I am not a Ghoul my friend, I am someone that comments upon blogs within my subscription base and that is all that I have been doing since I joined here.

    Your support for Holly is not wrong either, however I do feel that I have been targeted by Holly for absolutely nothing at all, and so when various comments are freely added in response to her concerns, I wonder if anyone offering these comments have even cared enough to backtrack through her Space and view the comments that were offered by me prior to the post Holly added regarding the concern?

    I can assure you and anyone here in WordPress that there are no threats whatsoever against Holly or indeed anyone on this network, I started blogging here the same as you and of course thousands of other bloggers have, and that is to add blogs, comment upon other users offerings and to hopefully receive replies to my own additions as most of us like a bit of feedback on our posted entries.

    Now if it was someone causing an aggravation, or adding vile, sick and insulting comments, especially to a younger user of this network then I can certainly relate to that, agree with it and see the threat, but I have done none of that, this environment is geared towards blogging, commenting and of course as the readership improves subscribing to the Spaces in which provide an interesting backdrop for us, and this is all that has occurred within Holly’s Space. Indeed I have many individuals subscribed to me, and I have subscribed to many also and this is encouraged by the producers of this network, to add, comment and receive replies from various users of WordPress, so what threat have I caused to Holly by adding comments to her blogs offered for that very same purpose?

    I hope that this never happens to you or any of your friends Bats0711 because then you too will feel targeted, and for what reason exactly? It is all quite ridiculous for someone to feel threatened by innocent comments upon a blog that was offered to generate exactly that, comments added by someone that is subscribed to… I was not just a passer by to her Space my friend, Holly was subscribed to me here and that is why I commented on her blogs as and when I received an update via e mail as do all of us in WordPress…


    • I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you ARE NOT a ghoul, and I think we can agree that I’ve only responded about Holly’s comfort level and not insulted you or even your comments. And I know you aren’t looking for advice but I just want to add that since you are feeling targeted and insulted by Holly (and lets try to remember she is only 16), and I am positive that you have all the right reasons to feel that way, then why don’t you and Jen just delete the subcriptions and be done with it? I would worry that since you are feeling targeted that could be a dangerous situation for yourself as a man. I don’t think you are a threat to anybody but unfortunately a 16 year olds parents might not see it that way.
      I don’t think you are a bad person (and I don’t know you) so please don’t think that I’m trying to target you, belittle you or insult you; I just was commenting about the fact that she felt uncomfortable and needed a break. While feelings aren’t facts, she’s still feeling that way and a 16 girl doesn’t see the big picture as someone whom lives life with more mature eyes because of age.
      I’m also not saying that your feelings aren’t valid, just the same as hers are very valid.

      • Thank you for your reply, actually the subscription was deleted on the very first time that I read Holly’s blog but I was extremely bemused by her concerns as I am / was just commenting on her blogs, I can only conclude that because I have shown an interest in postings where other bloggers failed to comment, that my solitary prescence was seen as hostile in some bizarre way, I suppose I was just on the wrong blog at the wrong times?

        The irony of all this is, if I had not been subscribed to Holly’s Space then I would have missed most of the blogs and my comments would therefore have been hit and miss, which happens to us all when peeps are not subscribed to us.

        I actually added a blog about this misunderstanding on my own Space and would welcome you to view it, I certainly don’t say anything out of order on this one either but you are free to read it if you wish? It won’t make any difference to the outcome, and I am not looking for support in any way whatsoever but it might show you that I am being honest here and that is my only reason for mentioning it.

        I too am strongly against anyone male or female harrassing users in any kind of Internet community and I agree that younger users of networks should be aware of online dangers as this is very important, but there are better ways of addressing it other than to attach that blog to me as I am also an innocent party but have been shown as something completely different, something rather ugly in a Live arena, and that has to be wrong.

        Afterwards she added a posting saying that she might have upset us, that she might have upset some really good friends that were regularly posting on her blogs, well she was right about that my friend.

        You know, it is difficult to see but I am actually agreeing with you on the reasoning, being that she is sixteen and somewhat immature but there was no threat to her or anyone. I blog here in WordPress and I have peeps commenting on my offerings, as i do theirs, that is why I came to WordPress in the first place to add my own blogs and to comment upon many other users blogs in a vast community spanning lots of different countries.

        Thank you for taking the time to read my reply to you, I won’t add further comments here as there is no need to do so, I just wanted you to have the opportunity of reading the blog that I mentioned but it is certainly okay if you decline…

        BTW –

        My Space is mainly horror based but
        there are other genres to be found within it.

        Have a good day today Bats0711


  6. Two out of the three videos I left for you during your downtime have been removed from YouTube… Google’s motto is “don’t be evil”, and yet they do such evil so very often.

    I had no idea you liked hammocks, and Post-Its, I love Post-Its. They help me empty my brain.

    Great job on the About edit.

  7. You’ve got a weight to carry. And it might seem like it’s too heavy. But once you’ve carried it one step, you know you can carry it two more. Every step you take with that weight on your back is proof that you can keep walking. You’ve come a long, long way with that weight, but that means you’ve proven you’re strong enough to bear it… whatever is going on right now, you can handle it. You will not break. You know this, because you’ve carried that weight.

  8. Hi, I’m just up late as usual, and thought I’d read your about page which is wonderful by the way. I’m so looking forward to get to know you even better.

    • Holy shit. I came to make an absolute honest post about alcoholism and bipolar disorder but want to see why I had notifications first…this made my night.

  9. Everybody is bipolar, if you believe the doctors. I think the only real sane folks are you and I. And I am not too sure about you. 😆

    Hello, and it’s a pleasure to meet you Ms. Bats. 😉

  10. It’s a long time since I have
    been on this posting Bats…

    I hope that you are well and
    enjoying your week so far 🙂

    Andro xxx

  11. I have bipolar, I’m a middle-aged woman, but the most exciting thing I want to tell you is that I had a Sheltie named Tara fo 15 years. I loved that dog! I And now I have one of her distant relations, a Scottish Collie named Lucy who’s the new love of my life, with the thickest fur I’ve ever seen on a dog. If you visit my blog there are pictures and videos galore of her….she really needs her own blog, come to think of it. 😉

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