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Charlie and New Poll

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Second off I firmly believe Charlie Sheen is as Bipolar as they come.  He’s a delusional train reck at this point and needs a 72 hour phsych hold before this gets worst, as if it could get worst.  Thankfully I’ve heard through CNN this morning that they have taken his  kids.  Sorry Charlie but it needed to be done and I have no clue why it has taken this long.

It pains me to listen to all of this, not because of it being Charlie Sheen, although he is a great actor and I think I would sweat profusely if I was in a room with him; but because it brings thoughts of my own delusions of grandeur that comes with my Bipolar Disorder and that mixed with alcohol and drugs is pretty much an abyss of hell like no other.  It pains me to think of how my mother was when I was a child, why I was never taken from her I have no clue other than the fact that nobody gave a shit what we were or weren’t doing.  I guess thankfully Charlie Sheen is in the public eye so his kids are now safe.

So what happens now?  Do we all just listen and watch the train wreck or do we lose interest at this point and not give a crap what he’s going through?  And he is going through a lot, I know he seems like an asshole and probably is but lets face it, money doesn’t make Bipolar Disorder, Addiction and Alcoholism any easier to deal with; he is still a human being.  I’m also curious that those whom do keep watching and listening to the wreckage, do they have bipolar?  I listen until a.) somebody gets him some fucking help and b.) he’s no longer the big news story.  Sadly I think b will happen way before a.

I’m hoping I hear soon that someone has reached out to Charlie Sheen and helps him through this dark, insane, worm hole.  Charlie we (well some of us) don’t think you are crazy, we think the effects of Bipolar Disorder, Addiction and Alcoholism are.