Some Gave All…

and for that I am eternally grateful.

Please bare with me while I post a tad about my brother; please remember I just about damn near lost him and I didn’t realize how much until my conversation with my Dad today whom by the way is also a veteran and thankfully he didn’t have to give all while in Vietnam.  I love you Dad!!!

My brother is a veteran, you know the guys who do the cool directing of the fighter jets on the aircraft carriers?  Yeah that was him, he also put the bombs on the planes.  Anyway, his ship was the first ship to go over during the first Gulf excursion many moons ago.  I’m incredibly proud of him and he’s helped make me the woman I am today.  So grateful to have been able to have him as a brother.

I love you my dearest brother!!!

It’s My Birthday!

Today is my birthday so I want to do a little something here.  I’m very appreciative of life even when I don’t seem to be.  I’m very grateful for many things but today I’m very grateful for all of you; those that read or read and comment.  I’m grateful that I have a place to come that shows no stigma, no judgement; a place that accepts me for who  I am and doesn’t hate me on my bad days, doesn’t like me just because of money or hate me because I have none.  I’m grateful that there is a place I can come where there isn’t an upper or lower class, no celebrity class; I’m grateful we are all equal here and can support each other because we want to not because we feel we have to.  I’m grateful today to be able to be Bats.

Along with that, I won’t be shy and I’ll let you know I LOVE presents. 😉  If anyone whom comes and reads could leave me a comment of just one thing you are grateful for today, that would be the best present of all!

2012 Has Started

2012 has started out great with warm coffee and Star Wars is on TV!  I have a great feeling about this year.  How’s everyone doing today?  I hope everyone had a fabulous, safe time last night and I look forward to another year of sharing, helping, and loving you all.  Happy New Year!

The Last Keep It Simple Saturday of 2011

2011 seems less than to me.  It seemed stressful, whether that’s because it actually was or it’s because I caused all that stress, is a whole other topic.  I’m breaking up with 2011 and the stress of it at exactly 11:59pm tonight.  2011 has to be the most unproductive year of my life and that’s not acceptable to me.

However I don’t do New Years resolutions like; I’ll quit smoking, I’ll workout more, I’ll master belly dancing, they set me up for failure which brings about major issues with myself and my world.  This year I’m making one resolution, just a tiny one and you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it is.

So today I say try and Keep It Simple and please stay safe.  DON’T drink and drive, you don’t have to; cab companies will take you home and also AAA will give you a free ride even if you aren’t a member, all you have to do is call them at this number:             1-800-222-4357       (AAA-HELP) and say I need a tipsy tow and they will come to collect you and your vehicle.

What’s everyone’s plans?  And I think Al K Hall is probably ringing in the New Year already???  Or about to.