The Last Keep It Simple Saturday of 2011

2011 seems less than to me.  It seemed stressful, whether that’s because it actually was or it’s because I caused all that stress, is a whole other topic.  I’m breaking up with 2011 and the stress of it at exactly 11:59pm tonight.  2011 has to be the most unproductive year of my life and that’s not acceptable to me.

However I don’t do New Years resolutions like; I’ll quit smoking, I’ll workout more, I’ll master belly dancing, they set me up for failure which brings about major issues with myself and my world.  This year I’m making one resolution, just a tiny one and you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it is.

So today I say try and Keep It Simple and please stay safe.  DON’T drink and drive, you don’t have to; cab companies will take you home and also AAA will give you a free ride even if you aren’t a member, all you have to do is call them at this number:             1-800-222-4357       (AAA-HELP) and say I need a tipsy tow and they will come to collect you and your vehicle.

What’s everyone’s plans?  And I think Al K Hall is probably ringing in the New Year already???  Or about to.

11 thoughts on “The Last Keep It Simple Saturday of 2011

  1. Keeping it simple today. Reading, drinking lottsa coffee, and maybe making a trip to the store! Thanks bats … here’s to a great 2012.

    I never make resolutions, it’s a set-up for failure for me, anyway. melis

  2. That’s cool AAA will pick up you and your car. Take a cab home and you’ll be stuck trying to get back to your car the next day — but anything is better than drinking and driving.

    No resolutions for me, either. They induce stress!

  3. Bats!

    While i agree that my overall impression of 2011 is pretty morose, it is the year i went sober, got married and got to knowyou better, so it could be worse.

    i agree, though, 2012 is going to be so much better!

    Thanks for the shout out! Mrs Demeanor and i watched Superbad and then rang in the New Year more intimately…before getting back to our IT devices!

    • Something about 2011 was like eh. But you’re right, it could’ve been worst and a lot of great things really did happen.
      Thanks for coming over, reading and bring with you smiles.

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