ReBlog: Hug A Vet Today

Today is obviously our day to honor those whom protect us and our Old Glory’s freedom.  Today we bow our heads for those brave soldiers whom have given the ultimate price so we remain a free country, so we can have “The American Dream” in our lives everyday, so we don’t have to feel fear when we go to sleep at night or awake in the morning.

I have a Veteran that has been in my life from the time I was born.  He taught me respect for our Flag, Arlington National Cemetery, our Armed Forces, and most of all Freedom.  He served two tours of duty in Vietnam and has never once asked for anything in return for it,  “Sweetie, I did it because it needed to be done,”  was his reply when I asked why he would go to war and possibly sacrifice his own life.  He brought back many memories from Vietnam and I am proud that he has shared some of those memories with me, I am proud that he ‘did what needed to be done’ for me, my children; for you, and your children.  I love and respect America because he taught that respect to me and always told me to hold that love close to my heart because there is no other place in the world as beautiful, gracious, noble as this country.

I love you, Dad!  You have and always will be my Hero.

Living With Bipolar Disorder

 Exactly! There’s just no getting around it; you can’t run from it and it’s always there.  Whether you like it or not, you can’t snap your fingers to make it go away; believe me I’ve tried.  You’re alive, you breathe but you don’t live.  That’s active Bipolar Disorder, just existing.

I’d sell my soul to Mitt Romney to not be Bipolar.

Happy Another Drinking Holiday

Nothing better than another holiday to find a reason to slam down some alcoholic drinks, eh?  Of course I’m only so negative about this because I’m sober and don’t want to be.  Around here the holiday actually started Friday night this year and there have been many alcoholic drinks slammed down plus the added benefit of fireworks non-stop by those drinking the slammed down alcoholic drinks.  By 2:30am every morning, I’ve wanted to slam different objects down their drunk ass throats.  But I guess it’s all in good fun for them so I’m being patient and know it’s going to be over with in oh 18 and then some hours.  But I really came here to say:

Saint Patricks Day Freak Out of 2011

Well what a fabulous holiday for a drunk. Oh certainly used to celebrate but I celebrated this year with a good ole losing my damn mind. I think I invented new cuss words last night. I have somehow stategically pissed off everyone around me and I feel like the only people in my life that have a reason to be pissy with me are my children; smarts and funny okay maybe occassionally the trashman because sometimes I put the trashcan out at an angle not thinking that he’ll have to actually get out of the truck to fix it for the arm to lift it to empty it but other than that I should be good to go with those around me.

I tell ya there is nothing better an alcoholic woman trying to celebrate a holiday that means something other than how many drinks you can pound in an hour when all she has wanted for two weeks is to see how many drinks she can pound before she believes she is Batwoman and believes she can fly off the roof.

Stupid damn holiday…okay…carry on.

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