Some Gave All…

and for that I am eternally grateful.

Please bare with me while I post a tad about my brother; please remember I just about damn near lost him and I didn’t realize how much until my conversation with my Dad today whom by the way is also a veteran and thankfully he didn’t have to give all while in Vietnam.  I love you Dad!!!

My brother is a veteran, you know the guys who do the cool directing of the fighter jets on the aircraft carriers?  Yeah that was him, he also put the bombs on the planes.  Anyway, his ship was the first ship to go over during the first Gulf excursion many moons ago.  I’m incredibly proud of him and he’s helped make me the woman I am today.  So grateful to have been able to have him as a brother.

I love you my dearest brother!!!

7 thoughts on “Some Gave All…

  1. Dear Bats,
    Thanks so much for sharing this about your brother. I was thinking you almost lost him. But now I think WE almost lost him. He is a part of America in a way I will never be. I am so thankful he will survive! What a thing. What a thing! Unspeakable.

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