It’s My Birthday!

Today is my birthday so I want to do a little something here.  I’m very appreciative of life even when I don’t seem to be.  I’m very grateful for many things but today I’m very grateful for all of you; those that read or read and comment.  I’m grateful that I have a place to come that shows no stigma, no judgement; a place that accepts me for who  I am and doesn’t hate me on my bad days, doesn’t like me just because of money or hate me because I have none.  I’m grateful that there is a place I can come where there isn’t an upper or lower class, no celebrity class; I’m grateful we are all equal here and can support each other because we want to not because we feel we have to.  I’m grateful today to be able to be Bats.

Along with that, I won’t be shy and I’ll let you know I LOVE presents. 😉  If anyone whom comes and reads could leave me a comment of just one thing you are grateful for today, that would be the best present of all!