My Dad’s Not Speaking to Me


Understandable?  No.

See here’s the deal, he wants me to call my brother in Alabama.  You know the brother who decided his addiction was too powerful to stay away from the same people and places that got him shot, almost took his life off this planet.

A quote from the investigator in charge of the case:

“He’s lucky to be alive.”

The deal was: he goes back, I’ve got nothing to say to him and I’m sticking to it.

So now the one person in my life that I look up to, love whole heartily, is my hero;  isn’t speaking with me.  My Dad could die any day, not speaking with me.

This whole situation is just stupid, just like the addiction my brother is going through.  Just stupid.


Some Gave All…

and for that I am eternally grateful.

Please bare with me while I post a tad about my brother; please remember I just about damn near lost him and I didn’t realize how much until my conversation with my Dad today whom by the way is also a veteran and thankfully he didn’t have to give all while in Vietnam.  I love you Dad!!!

My brother is a veteran, you know the guys who do the cool directing of the fighter jets on the aircraft carriers?  Yeah that was him, he also put the bombs on the planes.  Anyway, his ship was the first ship to go over during the first Gulf excursion many moons ago.  I’m incredibly proud of him and he’s helped make me the woman I am today.  So grateful to have been able to have him as a brother.

I love you my dearest brother!!!

ReBlog: Hug A Vet Today

Today is obviously our day to honor those whom protect us and our Old Glory’s freedom.  Today we bow our heads for those brave soldiers whom have given the ultimate price so we remain a free country, so we can have “The American Dream” in our lives everyday, so we don’t have to feel fear when we go to sleep at night or awake in the morning.

I have a Veteran that has been in my life from the time I was born.  He taught me respect for our Flag, Arlington National Cemetery, our Armed Forces, and most of all Freedom.  He served two tours of duty in Vietnam and has never once asked for anything in return for it,  “Sweetie, I did it because it needed to be done,”  was his reply when I asked why he would go to war and possibly sacrifice his own life.  He brought back many memories from Vietnam and I am proud that he has shared some of those memories with me, I am proud that he ‘did what needed to be done’ for me, my children; for you, and your children.  I love and respect America because he taught that respect to me and always told me to hold that love close to my heart because there is no other place in the world as beautiful, gracious, noble as this country.

I love you, Dad!  You have and always will be my Hero.

It’s Friday & Feeling Like a Flapjack

I’m never really excited about fridays, well atleast not now.  I mean hell I don’t drink so there went that whole idea, I’m always at a loss on what’s so exciting about fridays.  I’m sure there is something out there that I just don’t see.

Anyway, I’m having a moral dispute in my mind and not to beat this subject to death (no pun intended) but with more and more information becoming available about what happened in the compound where osama bin laden was found and killed, how can I celebrate, feel okay about what went down?  I mean Holy Bats! there were children in there!!!  It was obviously a bloody experience, and if it’s effected me in this way and I wasn’t even there?  I mean shit, there were kids in there!!! Let me say it again,THERE WERE KIDS IN THERE!!!  I know kids grow up differently in the middle east but their dad was shot in the head and carried out of there and now they are in the hands of the Pakistan government.  I can not imagine the fright that went and still is going through those kids minds and hearts.  And here I sit; safe and sound on my blog talking about it, celebrating their dad’s death.

I should be ashamed of myself.

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I know it’s been a bad few weeks for you.  I know you get more tired each day. And with the added storms in all the states that your children are in must make it that much more panic ridden.  You haven’t complained once of the pain you deal with each and every minute of every day.  Why?  How did you become so strong? 

Alabama was toppled and I promise that sooner or later I will be able to tell you something, anything about your son.  Lets just keep wishing for the best.

All my heart goes out to you,