Keep It Simple Saturday

This year I made a simple goal for myself to not read anything heavy, I mean I can if I want to but I’m for reading fun dribble this year.  24 books, just 24.  Shouldn’t be too hard, of course talk to me in December 2012 when I’m freaking because I haven’t had anytime to read but I figure 2 books a month is doable for me without any pressure.  (btw the Goodreads widget is using is awful, I haven’t decided what I want to do about that.  Anyone know of a ‘currently reading’ book widget that is compatible with

So for my first Keep It Simple Saturday post of 2012; I’m drinking pumpkin spiced flavored coffee and reading Thirst by Claire Farrell.  It’s fun and sassy right now in Chapter 6 so I’m relaxing and having a great time today.

How about all of you?  Reading anything enjoyable?  Not so enjoyable but making yourself do it?  How simple is your Saturday, even if it has nothing to do with books and coffee?


8 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

  1. Really simple, here. Propped up in bed, all the interesting flavors are gone from my son’s Keurig coffee carousel, daughter-in-law is making breakfast, going to a grandson’s very first ever basketball game after lunch.
    The life.
    Oh, and reading? “The She Chronicles”. Not bad. 🙂

  2. You really don’t need a special widget. Just post your own list in one of those generic text widgets. But since this is KISS Saturday, it’ll keep till tomorrow.

  3. catching up on blogs … cleaning the house for the cleaning lady. now just finishing coffee … have switched to mountain dew … will shop later, watch football, have pizza, watch more football. REST. Simple. Easy. Not sassy though.

    Did you ever read Lucky You? It is an easy read and it is hilarious!!! About some dumbfucks who live in Florida who are trying to rip off a winning lottery ticket from a Sassy woman who’s not havin it!

  4. Right now my reading is restricted to my own work, and manuals. I’m busy editing a 164K book I put together last year. My reader is pointing out my mistakes. He’s very good. There aren’t too many paragraphs without a comment. But on the work front, I’m reading everything – which means a lot of cobbled together crap from developers in addition to forums, blogs, and (of course) my own guides that I have to edit.

    I have a Peter F Hamilton series on my Kindle that I’d LIKE to read. One of these days I’ll get back to it.

    • WOW Dood congrats on taking steps forward with your book!

      I know the I would LIKE to read. Currently I don’t get much of anything done except work, that’s pretty much all I ever get to do anymore and am beginning to wonder if it’s really worth it.

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