I’ll Be Honest ~ Keep It Simple Saturday

I’m having issues with sobriety, not that any of you would have any reason to think other than that.

I’ll also be honest and say, I’m a good person.  I hate alcoholism.  I hate addiction. I hate watching everyone go through it, including loved ones that have to deal with people like myself.

Honestly, people like myself die from their addictions.  It’s a fact.  I have to deal with that on a daily basis but yet I don’t do anything about it.  I will die of active alcoholism.

You know what I want?  I don’t want to cure MY alcoholism or mental illness, I want to touch someone else enough to help them stay sober or alive.  To be honest, that’s all I want in life.

Just to help one person to stay alive…

Keep It Simple Saturday

Seeing as how it’s 12:14 am, I’ll go ahead and post my Saturday post and you all can wake up to it.  Lovely right?

It’s important everyday to practice discipline even on our days off. Discipline needs to remain simple for some of us like waking, eating, or going to bed at the same time everyday even on our days off. It also means to learn to say fuck it when you’ve realized you have put too much on your plate for the day.

Today, I’m remaining vigilant in my discipline and am simply going to live happily knowing that I am doing the right thing.

What is simple about your Saturday?

Keep It Simple Saturday

Hello.  My name is Bats and I’m a bipolarized alcoholic.  And no bipolarized is not a real word, I own it and have rights to it. HA! No really but it’s hard to start a post out like that.

I hate being Bipolar and I hate being an alcoholic.

I hate loving alcohol more than anything else in the world.

I hate the fact that every couple weeks I feel manic, uncomfortable, crazy.

I hate the fact that after feeling manic, I hate myself so much that I think the world would be better without me.

I hate the fact that I self medicate with alcohol.

I love the fact that I can admit all of this.

I love the fact that I have this website where I can admit this at.

I love the fact that (to a point) I am safe here.

I am GRATEFUL for little things; like a cup of decaffeinated coffee or a sigh from my dog.

I am GRATEFUL for the moon because it makes me feel comfortable.

I am GRATEFUL because this post can be called Keep It Simple Saturday and there was nothing simple about it.  I guess that actually means I am GRATEFUL for tolerance.


Keep It Simple Saturday

Keep It Simple ---- Here’s a very simple exercise to teach you that sometimes even when we feel nothing is going right there are small simple things in life that do in fact bring us comfort and joy.  This exercise is titled simply Write Down Three Things That Went Well for Me Today.  And it means just that, to write down three things that went well.  Maybe you completed your daily goal, ate a great food and enjoyed it immensely, maybe you were able to read a good book, actually shave and not cut yourself, maybe you just found yourself smiling at someone in your life.  Here’s mine from yesterday:

Three Things That Went Well for Me Today

1. Read/Relaxed.
2. Made good coffee cake.
3. Played a game of Quirkle with Smarts.

See simple.  Keep it simple today people.


Keep It Simple Saturday

Recently I’ve discovered that setting and keeping simple obtainable goals each day helps with keeping my mind in order.  Here’s what I do each day:

  1. Write down a simple, obtainable goal such as complete a crossword puzzle, or sweep bathroom floors, even make and enjoy beef stew.
  2. Complete that simple goal.
  3. Feel good about it.

There all done! And I’m not overwhelmed by some huge list of demands to my day that I know won’t get done because the list is too long.  This way I feel like I have actually accomplished something instead of looking at all the things I haven’t accomplished.

Keep It Simple people.