Wrong Way Drunk Driving Mom pt3

As you can tell I’m kind of following this story not closely but closer than any other news story out there now or in the past. Something intrigues me about Mr. Schuler’s denial and actions about his wife’s drinking problem and this crash.  He now wants all of us to believe that Ambesol is the cause of this crash that killed 8 people.  Apparently she had a tooth problem for the past two months and used Ambesol on that day, drove wrong way up a road that she had driven on pretty much everyday and ended up killing herself and 7 others in a horrid crash that by the way no one is even talking of the fire that it produced so you can imagine what hell those kids might have had to endure if still alive right after the crash.  I said it the first post, because she was that drunk, she probably didn’t know what hit her but those kids did, those kids knew they were going to die.  Of course I’m speculating on that and am doing that because I know how resilient kids bodies are inside and out.  Anyway still that is no way to try and hold an open mind about this accident.

Okay so we went from Mr. Schuler believing that an abscess she had on her leg (that moved!) or maybe her diabetes or a stroke caused this mess to she used Ambesol and drove which killed all of these people.  Okay I give Ambesol to my 8 year old daughter when her teeth are just about ready to fall out and are bothering her too much, she doesn’t walk unusual, or have slurred speech from it, another words SHE DOES NOT GET DRUNK OR HIGH FROM AMBESOL!  I was reading a transcript from a CNN discussion and someone on there said it better than I have, ‘Do you know how many people drive each day under the influence of Ambesol?’  I mean come on Daniel!  I understand his denial, I do but it’s time to just move along on this and deal with everything on a reality basis.  She was drunk and high, he has to know that and his lawyer should be ashamed of himself for even contributing to this mans unfortunate hell he is having to live in.  That lawyer’s really pissing me off.

Mr. Schuler, please…I do know it’s hard to deal with the acceptance of alcoholism and drug addiction, but please sit down, take a breath and really think about the words you are trying to get all of us to believe.  Please just deal with the heartache without all of this media and get help dealing with the alcoholism of your late wife and beautiful child.

Can you image how the family and friends of the two gentlemen who were in the SUV feel about all of these circus stunts from Mr. Schuler and his layer.  They must be fuming and crying at the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of holes have been punched in walls.

This whole thing has now become a circus act but that’s just my opinion.  How about you all, what’s your opinion?

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Wrong Way Drunk Driving Mom’s Husband

“I never saw her drunk since the day I met her,” Daniel Schuler said at a news conference. “She was not a drinker. She was not an alcoholic.”
He suggested that anything from a stroke to gestational diabetes to even an abscessed tooth could have caused Diane Schuler, 36, to act irrationally in the hours before the July 26 crash.

Read the full story at the link below:
Husband of Wrong Way Drunk Driving Mom is in Denial

We all feel denial for many reasons in life when it comes to alcoholism or drug addiction.  When you think of denial about it, what do you think?  You normally would think of the actual alcoholic, right?  The alcoholic swearing they don’t have a problem and can quit if they wanted to, that they have their drinking under control.

Well I was thinking about Daniel Schuler last night before I fell asleep and my heart goes out to him.  He never had a chance to hear his wife deny any type of alcoholic drinking, he never had the chance to hear her say like I did so many times, “I’ve only had a couple,” and then stumble away.  He’s having to deal with his wife’s alcoholism after she has hit the worst rock bottom there is, death and not just her death but she took other people down with her.  He’s also having to grieve for his beautiful daughter, the other children in the car and people he didn’t even know.  My heart cries for him while he says and thinks the quotes above.  He’s going to have to go from denial to acceptance in a heart beat, when normally it would take years to do that.

The cold hard facts were that she was an alcoholic and come on I’m not jumping the gun on that but when a person has a BAL of 0.19 AND six ounces of vodka still in the stomach that hadn’t even started getting absorbed into the system, they’re a drinker.  If this was her first time drinking to the point of drunkeness she would’ve passed out instead of getting behind the wheel of that car, it takes a drinker to even think they can control themselves after that many drinks and it takes a drinker to get to 0.19, that’s atleast 10 shots of vodka!  Phew that’s a lot of alcohol, I was just thinking I drank even more than that not but 3 years ago AND took care of my children, or pretended to take care of them; it makes me shudder to think that they are still alive and happy.

I’m hoping that with this story so many people will stop to think before they drive, I’m hoping that this story will stop some meaningless deaths.  So Daniel try to think with your brain right now and think of how you can take some good out of these meaningless deaths and help stop others from doing just what your loving wife did to herself and eight others.  Accept her alcoholism, get your wife’s story out there, keep it out there, and let others know they need to stop and use their brains when it comes to getting behind the wheel of such a powerful machine and drinking, or using other drugs.  Help stop drinking and driving.

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Wrong-Way Drunk Driving Mom

Yet another reason not to drive while drinking, or drugging.  When we catch a buzz we are not living in a reality that means we can get behind the wheel of a car, control it, and get safely where we want to go.  Especially not when we have others in the car with us, those poor children.  The mom most likely didn’t know what hit her but those children probably knew that they were going to die, not to mention the individuals in the other vehicles involved, the others who had to die because of this wrecklessness and stupidity of the mom.  Under no circumstances is it okay to indanger others around us so we can catch that buzz.  Now I know I’m an alcoholic and I shouldn’t be judging others actions but jeesh this one’s really hard to look the other way without judgement.

Every 15 minutes someone dies from an alcohol related accident…please don’t drink and drive!

The Long Island mom behind the wheel in a fiery wrong-way crash that killed her and seven others along a New York state highway was reportedly drunk and had high levels of marijuana in her system, authorities said Tuesday.

Read full story here—>>> Wrong-Way Drunk Driving Mom

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