Bullying: Sticks and Stones by Alye Pollack

Remember school?  I do, most of it anyway.  Do you remember being bullied in kindergarten?  I don’t, bullying for me didn’t start until hmmmmmmmmm 4th grade.  Well sometimes in kindergarten, there’s this one kid….

My daughter was bullied in kindergarten, that one kid would steal her lunch money and let me tell you girls are even worst than that, their words can sting you like a wasp. My daughter has dealt with words like that since kindergarten and as a matter of fact she has dealt with it until we moved down here and she started in this school, this year has been great with her and she hasn’t had to deal with any type of bullying at all.  Before I go any further in this post I want to say sometimes words can hurt just as much as being pushed, slapped, and punched.  I found this video on You Tube, a girl named Alye Pollack made this video with the help of her parents.  I want to share this because when I watched it, it caught my breath.  It’s incredibly powerful, unique, sad, heart breaking and this girl deserves all of our attention when we watch it.  I introduce to you Alye Pollack, a beautiful girl who has to deal with pain and heart-break everyday of her life…

I got a call from the school last week, I go to answer thinking “oh shit, what happen?” Never thought it would be the school calling to inform me that my son had been in an incident with one of his classmates.
“Mrs. Bats, I’m calling to inform you of a situation we are handling right now. Your son has been assaulted by one of his classmates. Currently we don’t think he needs to go to the hospital or doctors but I want to warn you that it is something that we may need to do.” Uhhhhh what the hell?!? I didn’t end up having to take him anywhere but when he got home and I found out it was the same kid that’s been pushing him down in the sandbox and throwing sand in his hair and face, smoke came out of my ears, nose, mouth; okay pretty much every orifice I have on my body. I immediately set up a meeting with the school principal and teacher. Come to find out this kid is not only bullying my son but pretty much every kid, just depends on how bad his day is going. I don’t give a crud how bad his day is. If he lays another hand on my son, I will press charges on him for assault. The school is kindly sending my message along to him and his parents. I don’t care if he is 5 or 50 years old, don’t touch my son at all.

I have zero solutions to bullying, I have zero solutions to how many bad days kids are allowed before it escalates into major violence. I wish I did but I don’t.

It Is What It Is

I am working for the smallest amount of money I have ever worked for.   Please don’t get me wrong, I’m still doing the job but it’s nothing like the way it was explained to me and I’ll actually be making 1/4 of what I was told I would be making but like I told my hubby I’ll do it for 30 -60 days and if I decide the money isn’t worth it, then I’ll make a decision.  I know what you’re thinking, “ummmmmmmm Bats, you’re about to lose your house and you have no money.  How can you be picky?!?”  Well let me see if I can explain my side of thinking here…the all time best time of the day to telemarket is between 6-9pm Mon-Fri and 9-12 Sat., and those are the hours I thought they were asking me to work, well during the training class I actually was told how this goes and none of it was the way it was explained to me over the phone.  They give me an assignment, a quota goes with the assignment and they have the amount of authorized hours I am allowed to be paid for.  Sooooooo  my first assignment was I needed to schedule 30 pick ups and I was only going to get 5 authorized hours to get paid so another words they’re telling me it should take me only 5 hours to set those 30 pick ups, another thing they added there was that I should beable to schedule those 30 pick up by Sunday evening easy or else I wasn’t going to be keeping the job, another words schedule the damn 30 pick ups by Sunday evening or you don’t get the job!  So I worked a good 4 hours Friday night, 3 hours Saturday morning, another 3 hours Saturday night then a good 4 hours Sunday evening.  Ummmmmmmmm how the hell does that equal 5 hours?  It’s beyond me.  So by the end of the weekend, the dishes weren’t done, laundry awaited me, and kids demanded to be fed ( 😉 ) and school work hadn’t even been thought of BUT the 30 pickups were scheduled and waited for the 31st to arrive.  I wanted, no needed a decomposing day.  The commission is nearly next to nothing but they say that’s how you make the big money at this job…~insert insane laughing smiley here~  So Iwent through a period Sunday night while I listened and became hypnotized by a ringing phone that I actually thought, “you suck at telemarketing, Bats.  What the hell were you thinking?”  Now then telemarketing is one place I KNOW I am good at, I mean shit if you can sell termite insurance over the phone, you are definately good at telemarketing!”  I do not lack confidence in my ability there but for that couple minutes I did doubt myself, I doubted my experience and ability.  I think I was just tired and needed some M&M’s and Doritos, sadly I don’t have any around.

I also thought my son would be going to pre-K this year but after a long wait over the summer with no one sending me information, I called 2 weeks ago.  I was told “Be patient, they get you all the information.”  Well school started yesterday and no information, so I called.

Too Sweet Talking Secretary: No, he can’t attend pre-K here, your husband makes too much money.
Bats: LOL no seriously when does he start?
Too Sweet Talking Secretary: No I’m being serious, you’ll have to find another school for him and pay out of pocket.
Bats: Okay so what you’re telling me is all the information I have been given over the past 6 months is completely false?
Too Sweet Talking Secretary: I apologize for that but it is what it is. For a household of 4, you’d have to only have 39,000 a year as income.
Bats: Jesus H. Christ selling sandels! I would be living in a cardboard box and eating worms for meals if we had to live off of that! Jeesh we can barely survive on what he is making and you’re telling me it needs to be less just to get my son an education that he deserves?
Too Sweet Talking Secretary: Well it is what it is.
Bats: Ya, goodbye.

I was told he would be allowed to attend because of him having a speech developmental problem but alas, it is what it is.

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The Lemonade Stand

I normally don’t post images of my kids on the internet but this time I’m making an exception because I am so proud of my daughter and please feel free to leave her a message on how great it is for her to do this, you can refer to her as The Lemonade Stand Owner, thanks!….

The Lemonade Stand

As a parent in this economy, with the loss of my husbands job in March, the total of the car in February, there being no bailout for this family, the IRS wanting more money from past years, the bank wanting money no matter what, the utilities on our house going up 13% this year because the companies can raise the prices even though none of us can afford it, and so on and so on; I have had to constantly say, “I’m sorry sweetie, we just can not afford it.” I know from my childhood how hard it can be for an 8 year old to try and live up to the expectations of peers and when everyone of your friends can have anything no matter what, it can get frustrating and tiring. So instead of just telling her that it’s not affordable for us, I decided to teach her about how hard money, business and the economy really is. Luckily on her first day at her brand new business, she was like a whirlwind, enjoying and taking in every minute of it. Also luckily, neighbors saw what she was doing and came over each with atleast 50 cents and buying lemonade from her, letting us know that this was the best idea they had seen in a long time. I was so choked up, I knew I had value in my neighborhood and the neighbors but didn’t know quite how much until this day. She got up on Sunday before the sun was up begging me to get started, I had her hold off until after the neighbors got home from church, so around noon she dragged her ‘stand’ outside to the front yard, got her ‘tips’ jar, her lemonade, cups and I walked up signs to the main road for her. She bought the lemonade mix from all of her toothfairy money she had saved up and made the signs the night before, she had done such an incredible job on everything. And her brother even made 75 cents just for sitting at the table with her. What surprised me even more was the fact the she actually kept at it for 4 hours! I figured after an hour she would be bored and done with the whole ordeal but she lasted until 4 pm and that was with atleast 2 hours of nobody coming by, she just kept telling me, “It takes patience, right Mom?” She’s decided to keep her stand open all summer, only taking a week off for cheerleading camp in SC with her Aunt and cousin, and what ever profits she makes she is welcome to spend it on anything she wants. She also knows that she has to spend the money for the upkeep of the stand, meaning if more cups are needed or lemonade mix, then it’s her responsiblity. I am so proud of her for taking the initiative on this! Now if I could only get her to clean up her room everyday.

My Sins Go A Lot Farther Than Wishing I Had a Million Dollars

I’m not sure what a substitute teacher was thinking when she decided it was okay to speak in my daughters class about religion and definately have no clue what she was thinking telling the kids that when you go on to third grade you won’t beable to use the bathroom during the day.  Okay I’m pretty sure the bathroom discussion isn’t being communicated to me by my daughter who is only 8 correctly but jeesh how did they even get on this topic.  Around here there is primary school which is preschool, specials such as speech therapy, and first through second grade then you graduate to elementary school third through sixth.  My daughter is already worried about going to the elementary school since it is a very old school, no classrooms just bookcases that seperate each class and now she thinks there are no bathrooms!  Believe me when I say this will keep her up at night!  I can not imagine the stress for a kid of her age to go through about having to hold it and having an accident AT SCHOOL!  I’m just a little peeved about this.

I’m even more peeved about the discussion of god.  Not all families believe in the same religion and I’m pretty sure even out here in the middle of nowhere there is still a thing as seperation of church and state.  I wonder what the muslim mother of the boy in her class will think?  Although since my husband is Methodist I do allow prayer and thanks at meal times and if my daughter wanted to go to church then so be it, I would support that.  No I am not Methodist and well…I don’t do organized religion nor do I believe god is an okay discussion in a classroom even if it was around a different time of the year like christs birthday.  I wonder if it’s not an issue for this teacher because the bible wasn’t directly involved.  What were they talking about?  Well somehow the kids got on a talk about what they would do if they had a million dollars and somehow the teacher suggested that they didn’t need money for anything, that god takes care of everything for us.  Ummmmmmmm okay, I’m hoping this spiritual entity is going to pay off this house, oh and the totalled car, the health insurance, my Dad’s funeral when he dies, the psychiatric costs for my mother and myself! 

Apparently also if you actually wish for a million dollars than you are greedy and it’s a sin!  Well everyone, Bats is greedy and trust me when I say that’s not my only sin!

Teacher’s Appreciation Week

Quick note … it seems it’s going to rain forever.  So no I haven’t been able to work in the pumpkin patch yet, lets hope it clears up sometime today.

Another quick note … laundry sucks and I’m so behind.  I know it’s raining so do the laundry but man I started reading a good book and that seems so much more stimulating then the laundry.  I hate laundry and need a laundry maid.  Heck, I just need a maid.

What am I reading?  Well I wanted to read something to go with the current times and had The Eleventh Plaque lying around.  I have been pleasantly shock that I’m enjoying it.

So today starts Teacher Appreciation Week and luckily I shot up off the couch at 8pm last night remembering my daughter needed to bring in a flower for her teacher.  Actually the lucky part was getting to the store and picking up the last single flower while a pack of Mom’s that forgot also came in behind me.  Getting home and telling my hubby, he says “You should’ve split a bouquet with them all.”  Well crud, thanks hun for taking my proud moment and spoiling it.  I never thought of that and hope they all did that.  I know I wouldn’t want to go store to store at 8pm looking for a flower.  Anyway I have a split heart when it comes to this week, don’t get me wrong I love teachers and think that they definately deserve this week.  HOWEVER my daughters teacher doesn’t impress me any.  Sure she’s learning and loves school but I have tried communicating over and over again this year with her teacher on different issues with my daughter, to no response from the teacher.  I’m kind of disappointed in that fact.  Now then my son’s speech teacher is out of this world!  So I have no qualms to do anything for her.  Does me being disappointed in my daughters teacher count with taking other peoples inventories? 

Okay I have to start sorting the mounds of laundry but wanted to stop by and say…

Hug a teacher today, they make a world of difference!