What’s In YOUR Glass?

What's in YOUR Glass?

I’m not sure I’m understanding why what is in my glass is how people rate me.  If I have coke in my glass what makes me less likely to be an okay friend?  What about having alcohol in my glass makes me a better person to hang out with?

Where is Bats going with this?  Well I’m absolutely sick and tired of people walking up to me and saying, “We didn’t invite you because we didn’t think you’d want to come because you don’t drink.”  My immediate answer goes a little like this, “Who said I don’t drink?  I never said it.  What because when you ask me if I want a beer, I decline it.”  In truth I don’t drink.  I also don’t want people to think that just because I prefer Coke or Coffee over alcohol that doesn’t make me a person of interest.  I don’t understand why I am less than because of what’s in my cup.

I don’t understand why society rates me by what’s in my glass.