What Bipolar Disorder Is

Bipolar Disorder to me is very simple. It is an emotional disorder. Every single day of our life we experience events that trigger some kind of emotion. Everybody experiences these emotions an act accordingly, if something is funny, you laugh, if something is sad, you cry, if something is painful, you hurt…etc. Someone who suffers from Bipolar Disorder does not have the ability or the “filter” to control their emotions… a simple giggle to you may trigger a roaring, fall on the floor, hysterical laughter from someone who suffers from bipolar, the loss of a beloved pet may bring tears to your eyes, to the sufferer, despair. You can hug someone in friendship, and we hug for love. We are emotional extreme, there is NO gray area, no middle ground, no safe area… It’s all or it’s nothing. People can look at our bizarre behavior, and not understand it, sometimes they label us as quirky, odd or crazy.   Add to the mixture the Manic and Depression episodes and we lose whatever was left of our self-esteem, reputation and our ability to trust our own mind. To add insult to injury, we are shunned by our family, friends and co-workers, denied proper medical help, laughed at, humiliated and quite often left alone to fight these demons.

Yes Bipolar Disorder is very simple… it’s the journey that’s difficult.