Keep It Simple Saturday

I’ve had a fad of a few weeks.

First off, I just finished the Fifty Shades of Grey helltry.  Why did I read it?  Because I wanted to keep up with the Jones’ and well it seemed every other woman out there was reading the damn books so a friend of mine let me borrow her Kindle (now that’s a friend) and I started on them 2 weeks ago.  Mommy Porn?  Naw, just a very long drawn out no nonsense book that I have issues with.  Bad writing, although by the end of the third book the author got better at writing.  Good plot, seriously it did have a plot and it was a good one but you didn’t really get the jist of it until part way through the second book.  Using the same words and sentences over and over again.  Look if you can say ‘kinky fuckery’ you better be able to say the word vagina and this author couldn’t seem to do that at all.  Say it with me people vaGIna, it’s okay to say it but this author decided to call it ‘a sex’.  Sigh.  She really could’ve cut these three books down into one but then again she wouldn’t have made 20 million dollars in one month so we had to endure 3 books of sex six times a day.  I found myself by the end of the first book just clicking next on the Kindle to get past the ‘I can have an orgasm every time I have sex with this man just by him blowing on my nipple and saying my name’ parts of the book.

Now who do I envision Christian Grey to be (which in all honesty this is the point of this post, I just wanted to share this video because it’s hot and I needed an excuse), this guy right here:

You’re welcome ladies (and gentlemen).  Coincidentally I also envision Guap like this except he’s hitching his leg up on a unicorn and singing merrily.

Oh I also saw Magic Mike.  I don’t recall a plot or dialog in that movie but do recall Matthew McConaughey and well…