Because Google changed their algorithms again, you all should know this. I think. Sometimes I’m too lazy to look for images, sometimes I like using images like on Keep It Simple Saturday and my new postings of Sunday Sayings. Change comes hard sometimes, I think. Maybe in the end it’s all work out better for us bloggers. I think.

Pouring My Art Out

Then I guess fewer people will see this…a 3Because Google sucks… get it?

Now that is what you call irony.

If you have no idea what I am talking about because you haven’t read the rest of the posts I have done on this subject, please click on this link to learn more about how Google is making it so that fewer people are finding their way to you blog.

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Let’s Create An Album Cover

Over at THE Edward Hotspur’s blog he came up with a fun little diddy to do with your (spare) time, it’s called Let’s Create An Album Cover. This is how you do it:

1) Go to Wikipedia. Click on Random Article. The title of this article is your band’s name. You could refresh if the title is especially hideous.

2) Choose a number between 3 and 7, inclusive. Go to Google searching for Random Quotes. Randomly click on an entry on the first page, and once on the page, go down the number you picked. That’s your quote. Choose consecutive words anywhere in that quote equal to the number you picked. That’s your album title.

3) Go to Google again and insert the words you didn’t use for your album title. Search for large images. Go down 6 rows. Choose the first picture that doesn’t already have words on it. That’s your album pic.

4) Go to Pixlr. Edit together your picture, band name and album title. There’s your album cover! Then put it in the comments, or make your own post. If you don’t want to use Pixlr, use whatever you want.

This is what I came up with:

Random Article: Monolith
Random Number: 3
Random Quote: Natural Selection is Anything but Random Picture: The remaining words from the quote were Natural Selection is.

And here’s my album cover (Hi Monolith!):

Album Cover 1

This was actually quite fun and I had no clue Pixlr was out there.  You learn something new everyday!  Thanks Mr. Hotspur!

Now how do I make royalties off this?  HA!

It’s Friday & Google Chrome Problems

Anyone else using Google Chrome out there?  Well I do and I normally love it but it seems they did some sort of update last night and now I keep getting the ‘An addition plug-in is required click to install” bar at the top of my screen.  I have done EVERYTHING on their help page to try to resolve this and nothing is working.  I’m waiting for them to respond to me to help me fix this but thought I would ask all of you very intelligent people if you know anything that I can do to resolve this since it’s making me dizzy watching that darn bar appear and then disappear on every website I go to.  Suggestions? Ideas? Anyone?