Earthquake…What Earthquake?

I’m feeling a bit ripped off.  Apparently there was an earthquake and it was felt all up and down the east coast, I’m talking from Georgia right on up the coast to Maine.  Everyone around here was and still is talking about it,

What did you think of the earthquake?

Well I think I was glued to CNN when it happened because I’ve been glued to the news for 3 days now because of Libya and when the big banner of BREAKING NEWS came up on the screen and they announced that it happened in Virginia, my mouth dropped open and then they started talking about how wide-spread it was felt.  I didn’t feel it and neither did my dog but literally neighbors felt it.  So I’ve come to the conclusion that either they are on some pretty powerful green glowing mushrooms or I am and don’t remember taking them; in which case I’m feeling a bit ripped off about that also.

My Dad said it best and keep in mind he lives about a half hour to forty-five minutes from the epicenter of The Great East Coast Quake of 2011,

If that ride was a 5.9, I want my money back.

To which my brother replied not to mock God and that this is a sign we all need to prepare for his resurrection.  Uh well that’s a whole other post.

Disaster in Japan!

Dearest Mother Nature,

Please stop it.


I have very few words right now.  I have a gripping feeling in my heart right now, an ache in my soul as I know this is going to be a huge disaster.  8.9 magnitude earthquake and then a 30 foot high wall of water coming right at you at the speed of light.  The grim reaper has shown its face this morning, well night time in Japan and I have a feeling I know where Anderson Cooper will be.  Please stay safe everyone.

*Update*  There are so many things occurring over this that I wouldn’t be able to post that many updates.  Here’s a Live Blog from CNN that’s a great way to check and see what is currently happening.  Let’s keep the one’s that have been effected by this incredible shake from Mother Nature in our thoughts and send as much peaceful energy their way. *Update*


Being a parent, I can not imagine the horror that is going on in Haiti. The dreams of the children no more, no smiles; just screams of pain and terror.  Loved one’s lost, dead, badly hurt with no medical attention available, no food or water, no where to rest a tired head, no toys for the children, no one to tell the children that it will be okay, that help is on the way, and in fact no one to tell that exact same thing to the parents, adults of the nation.  People digging or trying to at best to get to loved one’s that are either still screaming in terror and pain or to uncover their loved one’s whom are now silent because death took them before they could get to them.  The devastation and destruction are more than my mind, heart and soul can bear.  The pictures and news stories here in America don’t hide anything.  There are people, children lying on the side of the road already deceased or just about to be.  As I was watching the news coverage last night, the one thing that struck me was that there were very few children they were showing, are they the one’s stuck in hideous holes, concrete tombs, waiting for someone to bless them so their souls can move on?  Or was the news coverage trying to save people like me the heart ache of knowing what the true destruction is down there?  Statistics tell us that about 50% of people in Haiti are children and 39% of the people of Haiti are under the age of 15.  That right there tells me more than I can imagine of the carnage that has happened.  Everything and I mean everything is damaged, destroyed; I mean the Presidential Palace has crumbled along with the prison so not only are these people unsafe from the structures, the weather, the aftershocks, no food or water but they also have to fear that criminals may hurt them.  The news told us about gun shots ringing in the air, in the plazas; would those have been from people trying to protect themselves from the hardened criminals or putting someone out of their misery?  Again I have to say I just can not imagine.  Haiti we hear you, we are coming to help.

Please if you can donate anything, any amount of money at this point would be help.  Last night before I went to bed The Red Cross  had said that already they had gotten over a million dollars in donations, but that’s not enough, they need more. Please if you can donate money go to . This is also the link for Cnn that takes you to many other links to help out so many organizations that are legit and you can be sure that any money you donate will go to Haiti and Haiti alone.

Haiti, I promise you we are coming to help!