Another Great Salesman Down For The Count

Okay this morning I’m having a problem with doing KISS because I have noticed for two days a term that was searched and had people directed to my blog and of course I noticed this in my stats. Billy Mays was an addict. I know Billy Mays was loud and possibly annoying to many people but in this household of people whom respect sales people who sell actual products that aren’t a rip off, we honored Billy Mays for the great salesman that he was. Looking up the phrase “Billy Mays Addict” brought me to several websites that gave me the list of what he had in his system, some of these were very powerful drugs and others were run of the mill, like alcohol.  I’m very somber over this, this finding that a fabulous man, father, husband, salesman was this addicted; it’s a pretty LONG list.  A salesman of his caliber addicted to things like cocaine, valium, and pain killers is just so unbelievable to us, so sad, so disheartening.  When I worked, before I became a stay at home mom, we had a saying around our office that they best salesman was a crack addict, well because they’d sell to their hearts content because they needed the money to support such a strong habit, they’d sell to a person that said ‘No’ to them 100 times, they could get anyone to buy anything (well almost anyone), they could sell ice to an Alaskan, they could sell the White House to the President, they could sell anything.  Here I am thinking Billy Mays has this tremendous ability to sell literally everything to his viewers and to do it with grace, dignity, and skill but then us as viewers find out that he was such a hardcore drug addict. 

Maybe I’m actually disappointed in the fact that they released this to the press, that they dirtied his reputation like this when it would have just been as easy to not stir the pot and let him rest in peace.  Hell he pretty much had been forgotten about anyway, except for by his family.  Maybe I’m disappointed that he actually turned out to be like me?  This great man an addict, an alcoholic like me.  I hang my head today for Billy Mays.

GOD, I can only imagine the heart ache of his family and close friends.

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