My Brother is Alive

First off, my brother is alive and hungry; the man hasn’t eaten anything since Saturday so maybe they’ll allow him to eat today but we’ll see.  I talked with him yesterday and he’s very alert to what is going on, he told me the detective was coming up to give him back his wallet and it’s contents.  We were very worried about that, among other things but he needs his identification and it was important to him so it’s important to me.  We were worried that his wife may have it and if that’s the case then he’d never get it back.

Anyway, I’ve learned a few things over the past few days…

There are evil people in the world and when I say evil, I mean EVIL.  People who say they live the word and life of God and then turn around and wish death upon another human being.

There are people out there that NEED drama in their lives and drama like this is something that makes me want to explode emotionally but to them this is their dream come true.

People on Facebook even though they don’t know the facts of such a violent act will support you even if you are slandering and lying about it.  I’ve watched people put things like “KILL HER LOL” in response to my 12-year-old niece saying she wants to teach me a lesson.  And to the person who put that, yeah pretty damn laugh out loudable.

Anyway…my brother was told this will go to the grand jury and we shall she.  The good thing is the detective told him he can leave and they will contact him if they need any information and when he needs to appear for court.

And now I have one question and pardon me if this sounds stupid as hell or if it seems logical but who the hell carries a gun around in their pocket?