It’s Friday & ‘Plain and Simple’

I came to a conclusion yesterday well a couple of them.  One would be; I hate some people on Facebook, they don’t understand opinion and swear that they are right no matter what and when you sock it to them, they get pissed and get you TOSsed.  Facebook does not investigate before they act on violations of TOS so I’ve now been TOSsed twice this year.  Hopefully this time it won’t take 3 months to get my account back up and running.

Image via Fine Art America

My second conclusion and I’ve been thinking about this one all week, this is what I got TOSsed for btw.  THIS IS MY OPINION and I’m fine with anyone disagreeing with me because it is only an opinion so please keep that in mind before you press my Contact Bats link and send some message that makes you look like an idiot.  Can you tell I’m feeling spunky?  Anyway, a story surfaced that Corey Haim and Feldman were victims of pedophilia when first getting started in the acting industry.  Old news, right?  Well some think this is the reason that Corey Haim unfortunately died.  I disagree fully, don’t complicate his addiction and death.  Corey Haim died because he was an addict, plain and simple.  Those two words are where people are disagreeing with me at, plain and simple; well three words really.  IN MY OPINION, picking out and putting on a condom is more complicated than his death.  He didn’t die because he was a victim, he died because he used to an extreme.  He was an addict, he died because of that.

The same goes for me, my alcoholism and addictions aren’t complicated.  I like alcohol a hell of a lot, I’m an alcoholic.  If I drink, I’ll die.   Plain and simple.  I’m an addict;  I like various drugs, valium being one of them.  If I take it, I’ll die.  Plain and simple.