Poof, Another One Bites The Dust

Sometime today my dinosaur should become extinct…my Thinkpad.  So IF you don’t hear from me, it’s because well I have no clue what I’m going to do.  Love waking up to my computer crashing, stupid fan error.  So I’ll be back as quick as I can, you wouldn’t believe how long it has taken me to just post this one post so if I don’t get to any comments on here or on your blogs well… sorry.  😦   I’m not sure if the library will let me get onto wordpress but I shall see.

See ya on the flip side…

Vital Recovery Services Pt. 2

My name has been changed to protect my identity

“You have to take care of this debt right now, Ms. Bats.  This is not a matter you can ignore. So let’s get you some help, I’ll fill out the hardship agreement and see if you qualify. How much is your mortgage payment?” and the questions went on from there about how much my bills are each month and how much take home pay there is coming in.
“Ms. Cleveland, my husband works off commission. I have no clue what he is going to make or when he is going to make it.”
“Ms. Bats, my computer is still red flagging you, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO GIVE US A SECOND PHONE NUMBER, it can be a relative or a friend.”
“There is no second phone number I am allowed to give out.”
“Again it can be a friend or relative.”
“I have no second phone number that I can give out.”
“You don’t have any relatives or friends???”
“Ms. Cleveland that’s none of your concern, the phone number you reached me on is the only phone number we have so you’ll have to bypass that little red flag on your computer screen.”

The argument went on for many minutes about how I don’t have any friends or relatives, I finally was so frustrated that I screamed at her…”Look Ms. Cleveland, my Dad is my only relative and he is in the final stages of his life because of heart disease, and no I don’t have any friends!!!” To which her reply was, “I’m sorry to hear about your father but that’s personal and this is professional and I don’t believe you haven’t any friends, EVERYONE HAS FRIENDS.” So now I am stuck on the phone with someone whom has no feelings other than her paycheck and commissions. She finally put me on hold to supposedly get her manager to bypass that little red flag for me. At this point I was fuming because I am now a liar to her, so she says. I’m now feeling sick to my stomach and feeling very less than because of this whole schebackal.

She was able to get her manager to bypass that little red flag on the computer screen but guess what, it pops back into our conversation about 30 minutes later when I am crying, screaming and losing it.

Part 3 Coming Soon…

I Was in a Groove Until IE Crashed

I am up this morning early, went to bed last night about 10pm.  My hubby came to me about 7pm last night said he was going over to a friends house for a party and didn’t think he would be home until the sun came up so since I was exhausted at 10, I thought it was a great night to get some extra sleep.  At about 12:30am he wakes me, scares the living crap out of me since I didn’t know it was him and thought it was some nut trying to steal stuff again.  That would be funny,  tap, tap, on my shoulder…the thief saying, “hey I don’t mean to disturb you but where do you keep the good stuff?”  LOL!  Anyway, he lets me know that he’s home because the hosts of the party weren’t getting along and they were arguing pretty badly and well my hubby hates negative vibes, he goes out of his way to stay away from anything that can bring his own good mood down well he doesn’t mind being around me but that’s because I’m the mother of his children among other reasons.  He says, “I’ve got the movie with Vin Diesel on it.”  and walks off.  Now on regular occassions this would’ve brought me to my feet and I would’ve been planted in front of the tv for two hours but on this night my mind just thought, “Where did he get a bootleg copy of that?”  and back to lala over the rainbow land I went.  That was short lived though because an hour later my body felt restless and itchy, so I was up every hour after that, hence I’m out of bed before anyone else but the great part is I’m out of bed before the kids so I can get on here, post, read, comment without anyone repeating my name a hundred times an hour.

NOTE~While writing this post IE crashed on me and I couldn’t reopen it.  It has taken me close to 2 hours to fix the problem so I’m pissy and no longer feel like writing.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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