Amy Jade Winehouse 1983-2011

Amy Jade Winehouse 1983-2011

Amy was born.  Amy conquered. Then Amy was conquered.  So young.  For months now Mitch and Janis Winehouse have fought for everyone to believe that Amy was sober when she died, that she died not from alcohol poisoning but from withdrawal. Quite honestly Mitch and Janis had me believing it. My heart felt heavy every time I heard them speak about her and the situation.  My heart felt like it was ripping into a million pieces every time I heard Mitch say that she was great and truth be told she was always just his little girl.  We found out yesterday that this wasn’t the case; that Amy had more than 5 times the legal limit in her system to drive a car.  She died from death by ‘misadventure’.

I personally don’t care how much she had in her system, she wasn’t driving a car anyway.  I do however care that she died.  Right after ‘it’ happened; I felt enormous anger at this woman I have never even met.  She let herself be taken over by this lie, she let herself be taken away from so many people who loved her by believing in this disgusting lie.  In truth though, she didn’t let it happen, she didn’t want it to happen, she just wanted the buzz, the acceptance within herself, the cool Amy to shine through.  So the story of alcoholism goes for so many of us.

Amy was born.  Amy conquered and then Amy was conquered.

To donate to The Amy Winehouse Foundation please click on the banner below.  All proceeds go to young people who are at a disadvantage because of ill-health, disabilities and of course alcoholism and addiction.

It’s Friday & Irene

Track Hurricane Irene by clicking on the image or by going to

That’s one big bitch right there.  She’s HUGE!  And around here we should start feeling her or so they have predicted sometime this afternoon.  While I know everything is going to be okay, I have to wonder how much everyone really did learn from Hurricane Katrina.  My thoughts are to use common sense; like yesterday when I heard someone on CNN say fill your bathtub up with water or fill empty containers up with tap water.  I just got back from the store and seriously no water, no milk which confuses me because when the power goes out for days at a time who the hell cares for milk?  Okay well I would for coffee but I could drink black coffee and it looks like I will because they had no milk at the store.  And I know you’re thinking how will you make coffee with no power, watch me.  HA!  Seriously though; we can drink water out of our taps.  And soup was sold out.  Damn it all.  Anyway just use common sense everyone, common sense.  Oh and if you’ve been given a mandatory get the hell out, then get the hell out.

Here’s another thing; if I hear one more news story of how this storm is going to effect Wallstreet, I’m going to lose it and well send CNN a tweet. HA!

So if you don’t see me over the weekend, I don’t have power.  Massive luck being sent to everyone on the East Coast.

Earthquake…What Earthquake?

I’m feeling a bit ripped off.  Apparently there was an earthquake and it was felt all up and down the east coast, I’m talking from Georgia right on up the coast to Maine.  Everyone around here was and still is talking about it,

What did you think of the earthquake?

Well I think I was glued to CNN when it happened because I’ve been glued to the news for 3 days now because of Libya and when the big banner of BREAKING NEWS came up on the screen and they announced that it happened in Virginia, my mouth dropped open and then they started talking about how wide-spread it was felt.  I didn’t feel it and neither did my dog but literally neighbors felt it.  So I’ve come to the conclusion that either they are on some pretty powerful green glowing mushrooms or I am and don’t remember taking them; in which case I’m feeling a bit ripped off about that also.

My Dad said it best and keep in mind he lives about a half hour to forty-five minutes from the epicenter of The Great East Coast Quake of 2011,

If that ride was a 5.9, I want my money back.

To which my brother replied not to mock God and that this is a sign we all need to prepare for his resurrection.  Uh well that’s a whole other post.

Silliness Makes The Soul Sound

Giggling is one of the things I love about children and I don’t think we as adults do it enough but when I watched The Ridiculist on AC360 on Friday night and heard Anderson Cooper actually giggle, I had to post this.  I couldn’t stop laughing through this whole thing, so without further ado I present to you Ander-Cat on The Ridiculist.

Rep Anthony Weiner (D-NY) Confesses

Lets touch on a topic I haven’t touched on before with this blog, sexual addiction.  Since we all know that Countess Bats enjoys news and politics, lets touch on the confessions of Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Last week a photo surfaced on Mr. Weiner’s twitter account; a photo that was interesting to say the least.  It was tweeted to one of his followers, and it was a crotch shot photo of a man, a lewd photo.  He tried letting us all know that his account was hacked, that this was a prank because of his last name.  Possible, right?  Well yesterday, June 6th 2011, Mr Weiner held a press conference.  A SHOCKING press conference, where he said this:

“To be clear, the picture was of me, and I sent it. I’m deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife, and our family, my constituents, my friends, my supporters and my staff.  I lied because I was ashamed at what I had done, and I didn’t want to get caught.”

and went on to say this:

“I have made terrible mistakes.  I have not been honest with myself or my family. … I should not have done this, and I should not have done this particularly when I was married.”

So…wave your hands in the air if you believe that men in power seem to be abusing their power left and right?  I’m not sure how much of that I believe because I’ve seen the photos of one of the 6 young ladies this Congressman has been having interesting online interactions with, consensual sexting.   I will say I’m waving my hand in the air because I believe this man has a powerful addiction; sexual addiction.  Lets face it, even though he is a Congressman, he still is a man, a human being.  He’s not above us and he can still have emotions, bad days, and addictions like the rest of us.

I need to make it perfectly clear, Mr Weiner has not admitted to having any sort of addiction.  These are my thoughts completely.

My opinion is, yes he made major mistakes and I hope he can repair his personal life because being an alcoholic and addict I know right where he is at.  I’ve made mistakes in my life that make me want to puke.  I’ve made many mistakes while drunk and high that would make you want to spit on me.  So Mr. Weiner is living right now in the 10th circle of hell, he’s dug himself into a very deep hole and now he’s going to need to figure a way to not bury himself there.  I believe that his first step should be to admit that this wasn’t just a mistake.  A mistake doesn’t last 3 years;  an addiction does though.

So where are you all standing on this?  I know this brings up anger at the fact that he is a Congressman and I know it’s very hard not to hold him up on a pedestal.  My first reaction to his confession was this:

Countess Bats

@bats0711 Countess Bats
You have to be kidding me Mr. Weiner?! I throw my hands up at the US government! @RepWeiner @CNN @whitehouse @BarackObama #anthonyweiner

My second reaction was:

Countess Bats

@bats0711 Countess Bats
#weiner I believe he’s screwed up the general publics chances of engaging with public figures via social media. sucks.
and now my reaction is somewhat somber.  I kind of know how this guy feels, only I get to be anonymous about it.