Mental Health Issues Can Take Anyone

I have zero desire to add what year he was born and what year he died, sigh.

This one hit ME hard.  Being Bipolar and alcoholic…how can I possibly know that I will survive this when this man couldn’t?  Nobody in my life can understand those feelings.  I keep hearing because you don’t have Parkinson Disease, because you can do this, just brush it off it doesn’t mean anything.

But it does mean something.

Dear Robin Williams,

You have changed the world not only by laughter and drama but by us knowing what Mental Illness can do this.  So many are going to ‘try’ to seek help now because of you.  Sir, thank you.


An alcoholic, bipolarized Bats

Quite honestly this death took me for a loop.  I shrug at it and hope I can continue on.

I Literally Watched Stupidity Tonight

Tonight, in an AA chat room (and keep in mind this is just online) I watch so many people tell someone that was struggling that they were not sober because they were taking their prescriptions.  They are Bipolar.  They have alcoholism.

Should they not take care of their brain?

I was very quiet and kept it all to myself.

Really?  Are people with a brain disorder not allowed to treat it because they are addicts and alcoholics?  I mean really?  Are we still in the 1990’s?

I shake my head tonight and hope this person is okay.

I am waiting two weeks for an appointment for someone to help me with prescriptions with Bipolar Disorder, I hope AA will still accept me because I want to be sober.  SIgh.

Normal is for the Easy

My family wants me to live normal.  I’ve never known normal.

Two weeks ago I had an ambulance come to my house to help me.  I don’t know really what for…I think for panic attacks but they made me feel like those were no big thing.

“Eh, let her pass out.  It would be better for her.”

I do not understand how panic attacks are nothing to people.  I know this seems unreasonable right now but, I thought I was dying.

I just want a normal life.

I want a normal life for them.

Soccer Mom???? Really?!!!!

There is nothing more satisfying than a coach asking if your daughter will be at every game through the season and to please have her show up on the games for the tournament (that I had no clue would happen). Nothing more disappointing than knowing you can’t be there for the one game she would want to be there for. Sigh.

Smarts, needs to go up against this team. For three seasons she has and they have a boy (manboy) who is so much older than the other kids and Smarts is getting ready and IS ready to finally take him but yet we won’t be there for that game.  Talk about a let down for Smarts.  Double sigh.