Sunday Sayings

 I’ve been enjoying books.  I mean REALLY enjoying.  It has helped me escape the realities of my mind and issues that I feel just aren’t in my control right now.  I enjoy the fact that I can know someone in a situation in a book (even though they aren’t always real) that gets through it.  I enjoy fantasizing while reading the book and picturing what the people, town, and situation must look and feel like.  Books are awesome!  They’re therapeutic in their own way.  This is what’s fun to me.

Currently I’m reading a book my daughter received for Christmas that she said is a MUST read.  It’s called Pegasus: The Flame of Olympus by Kate O’hearn.  It’s good for her age group, she’s 11 almost 12, 6th grade.

I’m also reading the first installment of the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz.  I love me some Koontz.

Happy Reading everyone!  Enjoy your Sunday funday!

Sunday Sayings

Of course this isn’t an actual quote or saying from anyone famous but I have always loved this picture that I found many moons ago when I was looking something up.

Seriously, it’s okay not to be perfect.  There’s not one human being that is perfect except maybe, maybe David Beckham.

We just need to remind ourselves of this every once and awhile or else we get fried on trying so desperately to keep up with what we view (with our fuzzy eyesight) of what perfect is.

I know my eyesight is far from perfect.

Sunday Sayings


I’m not at all proud of my life hence why I’m on Plan K.  I just feel as though I’ve never accomplished anything.  It does feel good though knowing that at any moment you can start over.  How about you all?  Are you proud of the life you have led so far?