In Which She Screamed HI!!!!


Obviously The Countess has been gone and now she’s back for right now.  Howdy.

I’ve been there and here, everywhere.  I’ve done this, that, and stuff.  I’m still an Alcoholic and Bipolar.  I still love green, bats, Jason Statham, and coffee.  I’m a little more sarcastic and a little less caring.  I’m the woman in a room with the keg nodding like I give a shit.


I now have a 16 year old daughter who actually digs me (tell her I said digs, she’ll love that) and an 11 year old boy who is challenged with mental illness issues.  It’s sweet to see him trying so hard.  I feel for him to feel that way at 11.  I’m 42 and I’m fucked, he’s 11 and hopeful.

Jason Statham hasn’t noticed me and Bayern Munich is losing their shit (get it together guys), I now have an Nespresso and am wired, always.


I’m pissy and happy, at the same time.

I’m Countess Bats.  I’m doing pretty ummmm normal.

And all of that was insignificant information so Hi.



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