I’ll Be Honest, I’m Frustrated

Who knew people who are having issues with mental health are so arrogant?  No seriously, who knew?

I’m going to call him Fred,  I’ve never met a Fred so I’m calling him that.  Fred needs a lot of help, I’m doing my best to be patient and point him in the right direction.  I want to slam my head in a door at this point.  If I hear ‘I’m not going to kill myself over this…’ one more damn time….

See Fred just discovered mental illness.  Fred has decided that he thinks the sentence “I’m not suicidal but…” is normal.  I’m not one for normal but c’mon man!  Damn you listen to me!

I’ve given all my links, phone numbers and even called for a well check up for him.  Hands up,  I’ve got nothing else.  I continue to listen and be gentle but damn it man,  fuck.  I can only stay up for so many nights in a row.

I’m selfish.

Who knew people were this much trouble?  No seriously, who knew?

5 thoughts on “I’ll Be Honest, I’m Frustrated

  1. I’ve been in this situation. With “Frederique” (not her real name.)

    You’re a good, caring person. It’s obvious.
    You’ve done everything you possibly can to help Fred.

    It’s horrible and fucked-up when you can’t help the person the way they need it.
    There is only so much you can do without hurting yourself…….

    You must protect yourself now…..be gentle with *yourself*-
    I know it’s easy for me, a stranger untouched by the shitstorm, to write this,
    but you need to pull back, REALLY pull back…& focus on yourself now.


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