18 Years Ago

18 years ago I gave birth to a child that was not alive.  I hurt every year on this day.  Physically and emotionally.  If you really know me then you know I love my kids.  So damn much.


Thank heavens I was able to let that out just now ,because I thought my chest was gonna explode.  I don’t have anyone I can talk about things like that to.

Wish me luck today y’all.

15 thoughts on “18 Years Ago

  1. i am so sorry for your loss. i know it never goes away. my post today will be about my sister who died way too young, and today is her birthday. hugs )

  2. It was 13 years ago for us. November 5. So when that Guy Fawkes Day rhyme comes up… yeah, I’ll remember the fifth of November.

    And two years later when we were having the twins, they stuck us in that same exact hospital room. That was rough. We asked to be moved.

  3. Wow, Sweet One, that did hurt. I know. I’ve had the same experience. I take comfort in the fact that we never do forget. My second son would have been 36 next month, had he lived. He was due on my Mom’s birthday, so it was harder for her, too. She was “Lucile” and we’d decided to name him Lucas, for her. Of course, that doesn’t make it sadder, really, but just to let you know we really were into it. We also love our children so much. So much. ❤ to you.

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