Let Us Explain It

Tonight or this morning which ever one works for you, I need to know how you explain mental illness and addiction to your loved ones.  Not only explain it to them but get them to understand what you are going through.

I am thoroughly frustrated.  Well maybe not frustrated but want people to understand.

I know how I feel in my mind but can no longer explain it.  I know how I feel in my body but can no longer explain it.  I’ve explained it out the ying-yang and no one gets it.

Okay good news!

I have a doctor’s appointment to discuss medication management which means a lot since I am on none and need to be for my bipolar disorder.  You have no clue.  Or maybe you do.  Who knows at this point.

11 thoughts on “Let Us Explain It

  1. Every time I have a blow up one of my roommates ask have you been to the psych lately or have your meds changed. I think they feel that the meds are supposed to fix everything. The other roommate doesn’t even wants to bother with it. I spend a lot of time in my bedroom alone. I have a dog who spends her time with me. Good luck at the psych I hope u find something that helps.

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