Just a Tad Bit in my Brain, Good Luck y’all

At what point in time are we not putting a boot in someones ass?

RIP dearest James Foley.

Again, at what point are we not putting a boot in someones ass?  

I get peace.  I don’t want to be at war, EVER. 

But when do these ‘people’ have to act like human beings.  You know, like you and I?  

I heard there were 10 people held by these people.  Whether that is true or not, who knows.  It’s the media.   All I know is James Foley died.  In a very….well way.  That’s all I know.

I guess I am just angry. 

3 thoughts on “Just a Tad Bit in my Brain, Good Luck y’all

  1. Reblogged this on jerseyclyde's Blog and commented:
    He brought to us that other people wouldn’t and died because some person thought it was against their own thoughts. And that is what it was ideas and thoughts he felts were right and I feel that these groups want power so they can spread their ideas and ethics that they feel are correct. Yes how they killed James Foley was not correct but they were trying to prove a point. I know that if you go after the person in charge there will always be someone else to take his place. Or there will be other groups that will sprout out of this group to prove they are better than the last. I hope that we keep having courageous people out there to bring us photos of what the real world is like without them how are we to know what is really going on. Yes it may not be pretty but it can open our eyes and show us that there are other people on the world suffering.

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