I Literally Watched Stupidity Tonight

Tonight, in an AA chat room (and keep in mind this is just online) I watch so many people tell someone that was struggling that they were not sober because they were taking their prescriptions.  They are Bipolar.  They have alcoholism.

Should they not take care of their brain?

I was very quiet and kept it all to myself.

Really?  Are people with a brain disorder not allowed to treat it because they are addicts and alcoholics?  I mean really?  Are we still in the 1990’s?

I shake my head tonight and hope this person is okay.

I am waiting two weeks for an appointment for someone to help me with prescriptions with Bipolar Disorder, I hope AA will still accept me because I want to be sober.  SIgh.

12 thoughts on “I Literally Watched Stupidity Tonight

  1. Those people just aren’t thinking it through. They’re willing to accept that their alcoholism is a disease with a prescribed treatment regimen that they must follow to get better, but are unable to see how that same logic applies to those with illnesses beyond alcoholism as well.

    You are good people Bats. I find it hard to believe that those in AA who really care would reject you for taking medication prescribed by a doctor who is knowledgeable of your dual diagnosis. As for those who would, well, the world is full of a-holes, and we just have to keep on keepin on despite them…

  2. That’s hideous. It basically states that people with mental illness don’t have an actual illness, I bet they wouldn’t tell someone with epilepsy or cancer (medications which can effect mental function) that they were not sober because they took their medication. Bipolar has genetic, physiological, biological and social aspects and they all need to be adequately addressed. it’s well documented that 70% of people with bipolar disorder also have an alcohol or drug addition. Basically they are self medicating. If someone with bipolar disorder doesn’t get the disease (bipolar) under control, and more often than not the only way to do this is to take appropriate medication then they stand very little chance of remaining sober. Besides I wouldn’t exactly call myself sober whilst in the midst of, messed up brain chemicals, induced hypomanic episode. I would ignore the people who said this, you don’t need people like that giving you advice on anything. Listen to those who show some sense and compassion, granted these are probably quieter and less vocal members of the group. Good Luck

  3. I third it. In America, for some reason incomprehensible to me, we stigmatize mental problems as weakness. That’s not only sad but destructive when one in six has some sort of mental issue.

  4. Well I went through the same thing when I first started in sobriety. I was ver careful who I told I was on prescription meds. I made it known that I really wanted the program to get sober and waited until I felt I trusted these people. One day I shared that I was dually recovered and had to have these medications like a diabetic has to have his insulin. If they don’t accept you I feel they aren’t true alcoholics.

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