11 thoughts on “Cold Enough to Snow

  1. Just found you, thanks to a Tweet by El Guapo. We have lots in common it seems. Sobriety and alcoholism, Bi-polar disorder, crushing black depression and the ennui of life.
    Do something kind for yourself tonight, write a (damned!) gratitude list. You already took the plunge and put pen to paper, attracting people to help you in your present dark place.
    If a gratitude list just pisses you off then try a bit of chocolate. It won’t cure your sadness, but you can’t savor it without a smile.
    Be well. I’m glad to meet you.

  2. I wish I could add to what the others have said Bats, but I absolutely agree with Katherine – I’ve missed you, and knowing you’re hanging in there helps me hang on too…

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