In Strength We Shall Prevail

I’ve introduced her a couple times to this blog before but I don’t feel like looking for those posts.

Smarts, is someone we all should be. This kid has the emotional strength of…I dunno. She deals with bulshit kids everyday on the bus to and from school and also at school. A kid actually put his/her foot deodorant in her lunch box when she wasn’t looking on the bus. And she dealt with it in a manner that I’m not sure I could. She took it out and laid it down. Did it bother her? Yes. Was she able to let it pass? Yes. Did she feel a tad bit of anxiety over it? Yes. Was she able to just say ‘whatever’? Absolutely.

I want to be her when I grow up.

Smarts loves soccer. I’m a soccer mom but I’m only the soccer mom who when her kid gets ‘smacked in the face with the ball by a kid that thought booting the ball while 10 feet in front of someone is a great idea and plays with a bloody nose’, gives her a high five. Look she went through it. She felt it. And she continued playing.

I would love to be that strong.

Smarts will go far in life.

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