So I Actually Get to Spread Humanity…

My Mother has cancer on her gallbladder.  She has been sick for a very long time but doctors have just passed her antibiotics and said she’d be fine.  Who the hell gets cancer on their gallbladder?  My mom.

Darn it all.

I’ll be spreading humanity by going to her and helping her through this surgery.  She thanked me and told me she loved me but decided to mention that my brother coming up would be so much better.  You know…my brother who was shot.


I don’t know….I’m kinda done emotionally.

I mean I am actually going to take a train to another state to help her out.  Do you think it might be wonderful that just *I* am showing up?

See now I’m being selfish and ignorant.


9 thoughts on “So I Actually Get to Spread Humanity…

  1. Thank you for the reminding me Type. This really isn’t about me, it’s about her and it’s time the family realizes that. It’s time we’re kind to her, no matter what. I’d want that if I was feeling the way she is in her head. My to-do list just got big.

  2. Sweetheart, if you came to see me, I would treat you like royalty. (Remember the bed by the coffee pot? 🙂 )

    But sometimes, we just must deal with the broken people we inherited.

    You are doing the right thing. Keep on. God sees. ❤ K

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