Alcoholism, Bipolar Disorder, & Me

Have you ever had a moment where you figured out that society isn’t for you?  That you don’t really belong in society?  That there’s nothing in society that you can do?

Yeah, that’s my night.


13 thoughts on “Alcoholism, Bipolar Disorder, & Me

  1. I get slammed with this realization any time I step out the door or try to interact with others. I just don’t fit, I never have, never will. And I can live with this. The rest of the world, however, seems intent on pointing out my failure to assimilate as a fatal flaw, even when THEY are the ones who can’t accept me because I am “too complicated” or “moody.”
    Life baffles me.

  2. Wow. Is it universal? I often say I have a tattoo on my forehead that says, “CORRECT ME, PLEASE!”
    Often, I tell folks, “Oh, I see you found the tat.” Why do I think that is so hysterically funny? Because I just don’t fit in. Or something. How did I get this way?

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