Who Understands This?

I mean I don’t really understand half of what I feel.  Ever.

I had a new neighbor move in.  I contacted the neighbor who always does the ‘welcome to yada yada yada neighborhoo’ and said I think we need to do this for them.  They said “GREAT idea.  Lets do it.  I’ll get in touch with you right away.”  That didn’t happen and she welcomed them herself with other people.  Honestly…I’ve lived here a little over 3 years and I’m really trying to fit in but it’s not happening.  Stupid, right?

I’m just feeling alone and have been putting myself out there in face 2 face life , and well it’s not working.  I don’t know one person that enjoys anything I do.  I don’t know one person who even wants to hang out with me except….me.

Maybe I don’t even really care.  Maybe I’m good with alone.  Maybe that’s what I’m destined to be.

Maybe I really am stupid.

8 thoughts on “Who Understands This?

  1. I understand what you are saying and how you feel. I know it. You aren’t stupid. And I’d hang out with you. Thr question of destined to be alone? Bats..we cant be by design..its a flaw in fate..preceded by ignorant information causing prejudice where none should exist..

  2. You are not stupid. I do not hang out with any of my neighbors….most are a bit older than myself. I have to seek out people similar to me in other places. I found them where I do yoga, one of my favorite places to eat and another is a tea/coffee house. Be comfortable being alone and yourself then others will see your light. 🙂 But congratulations are trying to put yourself out there.

  3. Ah, feelings. A great way to discover you’re still alive. I wouldn’t read too much into what your neighbor did. She was just thoughtless and stop to think that feelings other than her own were involved. Sadly that’s pretty normal. I asked Dear Abby and she says the way to move on is go talk to your new neighbor and let slip in the conversation, “By the way, that whole welcome thing? It only happened because of me.” Yes, thrown thoughtless neighbor under the bus. 🙂

    We just moved to the big city and everywhere we go, like a concert in the park the other night, we are struck by the realization that we don’t know a single soul. It’s a little uncanny. But it really doesn’t bother me. And I have no strategy for meeting anyone, either.

    From where I sit I know someone who enjoys everything you do, at least as far as blog and Twitter is concerned. And he really wishes he could hang out with you. 🙂

  4. If you feel like going over and personally welcoming the new neighbor, do it! No reference to the welcome wagon lady; it just would sound like putting her down. One-on-one you might make a great new friend. And if you don’t, well, these days in our very busy, very mobile society, neighbors are generally not as neighborly as they used to be. It’s no reflection on you.

  5. Nah, not stupid at all.
    I find the easiest way for me to hang out with people in general is to just be quiet and smile.
    (I’m not really a people person.)
    (And since I’m not calling myself stupid, I’m pretty sure you can’t either.)
    (Otherwise i’m really screwed, since we both know you’re smarter than me.)

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