I’m Worried…

and please tell me if this is not alright to share here but:

I’m worried about our country.  I’m worried that we have lost our way, not because of any one persons fault but by all of ours.  We need to start being kinder.  Show love more, not just say it.  Accept each other more.  Realize that we are not all the same, that sometimes ‘normal’ doesn’t even have a meaning.  Worry about each other more.

I don’t know.  Maybe I’m off in the bat-cave with Batman.

15 thoughts on “I’m Worried…

  1. Your right about loving each other and what the hell is the norm anyway, did not the Creator made us all unique???

  2. I think we’ve lost a sense of civility. That it’s okay to disagree with someone and still breath the same air. We’ve polarized and hyperbolized ourselves into maniacs where every stance must be judged and, if necessary, berated. It makes me want to go live off the grid somewhere and I’ve never felt like that in my life.

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