How many of us have thought really hard about Trayvon Martin?  I mean really hard about him.  He WAS a child, George Zimmerman thought it okay to fatally shoot him.  Why?

That’s all I have folks on this subject.  I wish I could prove someone right or wrong but the truth of the matter is:  a child was fatally shot.  A child.


45 thoughts on “Trayvon

  1. I think about it a lot, too. Especially when I see racist crap about it from my Facebook “friends.” Bottom line: An unarmed person was killed by a person packing again. That represents a fail where it was “legal” or not.

  2. Except when Zimmerman first saw Trayvon he was nearly six foot tall. The hoodie made him look even taller and heavier. The hoddie also blocked his face and it was dark, so Zimmerman had no way to see if Trayvon looked young. It doesn’t even really matter as Zimmerman called the cops to deal with him. If the intent was murder he would have just fired. If he wanted to play policeman he would have had his gun out the moment he saw Trayvon and told him to stop. It only came out when he was being beat. Seems to be he thought his life was then in danger.

      • He was 17. Anyways, what child has a gun, like the photos on Trayvons phone proved? What child is supposed to be dealing drugs, beating up school bus drivers and stealing from adults? What child is allowed to be out at night when he was forced to stay at his Dads for being in trouble and should have been grounded. If Trayvon was a child why didn’t his Daddy woory about him until days later?

        • Trayvon was 17 years old. I had a gun when I was 17. I dealt drugs when I was 17. I stole from people when I was 17. I beat people up when I was 17.
          He was out (not all that late) getting skittles and ice tea.
          With all due respect, as a parent; Trayvon’s Dad worried about him more than anyone can know.

          • I got in trouble too. If I saw somebody like Zimmerman in an SUV talking on a phone I would guess he is a security guard or undercover cop. I would be ready to answer his dumb questions and tell him to F off if I wasn’t doing anything. I would only run if I thought I was about to get busted for something. And once I ran away I sure wouldn’t come back and start fighting.

            • See…Trayvon was in the middle of telling him to Fuck off. And there is no reason why he needed to answer his dumb questions.
              Besides what the hell is George Zimmerman running around with a gun for?????
              I mean seriously, lets all start packing.

              • In an interview with Rachel Jeantel after the verdict, she says Trayvon ran because he thought Zimmerman was a gay cop. That in their culture it is alright to beat on a gay person. She also admits that Trayvon did escape and chose to come back and likely just started wailing on Zimmerman…. Zimmerman lived in an area with many crimes. He had every right to have a gun. But he called the cops so he wouldn’t need to use it.

                  • Now you are going in circles… But if a 17 year old is trying to kill me and I can’t stop him with my own body I sure as hell would blow his fucking brains out to defend my life. Darwin’s laws.

                    • Somebody around your same weight suckerpunches you and pins you down. They start punching you in the face. You try to lift your head out of the way and gets punched back down into the cement. Your vision is now blurry and it wa already dark. But you still try and wiggle or knock the person off. They keep punching. You think this guy is trying to bash in your skull. Finally the suspect moves enough that you can grab your gun and you take that moment to defend yourself…..

                    • But if you are being punched with head on the cement it bounces with each blow and feels like the person is slamming your head on the cement with intent to break it open.

                    • Now you’re just grasping for straws.
                      Ray…thank you for having this conversation with me. I have to be somewhere in about 2 hours so I need to go get ready.
                      I AM NOT backing down from the way I FEEL on this subject but it takes a woman a while to do her hair.

  3. It is God’s work that ended up with Trayvon being dead as a result of his own illegal actions while high on dope. There is no better outcome to a crime than to have a felony suspect like Trayvon shot and killed through his own actions. Now, it’s time to go after Trayvon’s parents and lock them both up for LWOP, imo.

  4. The whole thing has made me very sad about “dialog” in this country. The demonization of Martin. The constant excuse-making for a wannabe cop WITH A GUN on the streets. Who in their right mind thinks that’s a good idea?

    I can concede that IN THAT MOMENT Zimmerman thought he was in mortal danger, but how is he not accountable for the half-dozen moronic decisions that led to that situation that were all his and all wrong?

    • Thank God Trayvom is now dead as a direct result of his own illegal actions against victim-Zimmerman. George should now sue the hell out of Trayvon’s parents for endangering Mr. Zimmerman and the entire United States of America which they are both legally responsible for.

    • Steve, I made a mistake for answering your comment before I answered the person who commented to you.

      I am so sorry that people Thank God for a child’s death. I’m scared for our country when it means people can walk around with guns and do just what I did as a teenager…Go to 711, get a drink, and some skittles. My heart literally hurts over that.

      I am speechless.

      • But Bats0711, when you go to 7-11, don’t forget to do what Trayvon Martin did on his way back to his destination, he attacked a victim-neighborhood-watchmen while high on illegal dope and then beat a victim’s head against a cement walkway while armed with a metal can in his pocket as he slammed the victim‘s head repeatedly to near unconsciousness. Thank God George Zimmerman was there to eliminate that thuggster from harming anyone else. I know I would have done things differently though, I would have unloaded my full clip into that punk’s head up into his nostrils.

  5. I’m not uneducated. I just enjoy life, love life, and would never thank God that another person was dead. Trayvon wasn’t there to harm anyone, he was there to watch a game on TV, he was just walking home from a convenient store.

    The fact you think unloading a full clip up into a child’s nostrils, disturbs me. You do understand he was a child and still had a chance to change his life, correct?

    • Bats0711, you clearly come across clearly as uneducated and your comments are certainly from an uninformed person, it appears you may have missed the entire televised Zimmerman trial and yes, informed people are ALL glad Trayvon Martin is now dead. Thank God! Time now to charge and later to imprison his parents for creating such a menus and predator for our communities. Like I said before, I would have done things differently if I was there that night, I would have shot Trayvon many many many more times than Mr. Zimmerman did because that is what illegally-high-dope-head-felons need imo.

        • Stevebetz, I am not a judge, or on a jury at this time, and I have never executed anyone as you so incorrectly claim. I am, however, reminding people of the facts of this case and why the death of Trayvon was needed and was totally a result of his own illegal actions. Thank God he’s now dead, who knows how many of our children Trayvon would have harmed had he lived through his last crime.

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