Strangest Times

It hits you at the strangest times.  You can’t understand why.  The manic phase honestly is stranger than the depression phase because you don’t know what is so different.  There’s nothing different, other than your brain chemistry.  But what makes our brain chemistry whack out like this?  What?  Someone tell me?

What’s the damn cure?

10 thoughts on “Strangest Times

  1. The cure is not a cure at all so there is none..
    Maybe tho its because its not sick…or broke or as bad as we think because we were told..
    There may be nothing to cure Bats..only thinking we are ill..keeps us focused on that instead of what we truly can do.. different isn’t its just chemicals.. but..I want to know too..

      • I think …it does just diffetently. And its harder to control sometimes and harder to cope but the way our brains work require more.. being aware and knowing how it might go then working with what we have which is amazing when we work with the potential not fight it. Like we feel everything more we need to be more in tune but if we can realize we can control a lot of it..things we have been made to belueve we have no control over …we are just different .. and need to give ourselves more of a break too.. therr are gifts in the midst of the confusion if you want to find them.. sometimes just reframing how we choose to perceive it.. can make a huge difference in how we get through it.. I dunno Bats it’s just me looking for the light has to be there ..we are the light. Or maybe I’m just crazy but considering the options can it hurt to try ?

  2. Hi Bats!

    Sorry I have been out of touch for aaaaaaages. Shit got kind of fucked up and stuff. I’m mebatiscat btw, dno if you remember me haha. I sure remember you, despite the fact that I struggled for ages to remember your blog’s name. Since the last time we had contact a lot of things happened that make me feel like it’s wise to keep up with your posts for me. So, it’s great to see you’re still posting (:

    Thank you for that xxx

  3. Hello. I read blogs, not much for commenting because it gets the panic attacks going. This one I wanted to key in on, though. I generally have an “I am who I am” view of myself.There’s nothing wrong with me simply because I don’t fit society’s idea of norm. BUT I do have a good gauge of what is my own personal norm and it changes with the ups and downs of cyclothymic disorder. The spending too much talking a mile a minute flirting randomly version of me…That’s my illness. The too depressed to shower or leave the house or be bothered to eat, that is my illness.
    The stable periods where I am wise with spending money, not overly flirtatious or overly talkative, pay bills on time, remember appointments, care about the feelings others…THAT is who I am.
    So, yes there is something wrong with me but it’s based on my own opinion of what is my own norm.
    Just my two cents worth.

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