In Need of Help?

I haven’t done this in awhile.  I know many are in need of help getting sober.  Whether it be alcohol, drugs, or internet.  Hell…most of the time, I’m all three.  I know that doesn’t sound great about the resources I’m about to give you but believe me; all of them are great.

In the past 11 years, I’ve lived 8 of them sober.  No, not at one time but…does that matter?

AA You can find meetings & the Big Book (Bible) at this site.  I also want to say that some of the most awesome people I have ever met, go to AA.

Women For Sobriety have taught me that like IS worth living.  I can not express how many time I have not killed myself because of their message board.  You can also find Men For Sobriety information on this site.

For those of you that just think that you need to cut down just a tad (good luck) Moderation Management.

And finally…a site that has it all.  Everything.  Whether you want to deal with it or not, trust me; read this site.  It will change your life.  AL K Hall.

Good Luck everyone.  I know I need it.

4 thoughts on “In Need of Help?

  1. If you need to be addicted to something, might I suggest my blog? Just sayin’. I don’t mean to sound insensitive, because I wish you all the best, but my blog has no bad side effects, and might actually be good for you.

  2. I’m a little tardy, but —
    Yay, Al! I LOVE Al! I’m coming from the Al-Anon side, Al K Hall’s blog has done so much to help my understanding.

    You and Al and carrythemessage over at Message in a Bottle are downright inspirational in your willingness to open up and let us in.

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