Prescription Madness

And to think this was my very first blog post. This post was made FIVE YEARS AGO! Yes, I said FIVE years ago.

The She Chronicles

Have you ever had someone say to you “That’ll be $970” for prescriptions and actually say it without flinching?  Yup happened last week to me.  “Uhhhhhhhhh, no those must not be mine, try again.”  But yes they are mine and no I still don’t have them.

It seems my insurance was changed without me knowing and it now has a very highdeductible on prescriptions.  I would never had changed since I know how important my prescriptions are to me, considering I’m bipolar and they are my lifeline right now.  Giving my hubbys PR Guy a call, he says “This insurance is best for everyone at the company, you don’t need a referral!”  And he actually says this and is excited.  “No I’m sorry sir, this isn’t best for everyone! ”  So now I am waiting for my hubby’s company to send me the $970, and yes I am saying that…

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2 thoughts on “Prescription Madness

  1. No, I’ve never paid that much for drugs. $300 or $400 maybe. Look at this way. That was five years ago and you’re still here. Something must have worked. And I, for one, am glad it did. Cheers!

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