Keep It Simple Saturday

Seeing as how it’s 12:14 am, I’ll go ahead and post my Saturday post and you all can wake up to it.  Lovely right?

It’s important everyday to practice discipline even on our days off. Discipline needs to remain simple for some of us like waking, eating, or going to bed at the same time everyday even on our days off. It also means to learn to say fuck it when you’ve realized you have put too much on your plate for the day.

Today, I’m remaining vigilant in my discipline and am simply going to live happily knowing that I am doing the right thing.

What is simple about your Saturday?

10 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Saturday

  1. My mind has been so overwhelmed with “possibilities” lately that it’s been darned near impossible for me to express any of my thoughts clearly – leaving me feeling a little like the old Scooby Doo cartoon where he tries to run off in about 6 directions at once. But expressing how good it is to know you’re still out there fighting the good fight? Well, that’s so easy that it requires almost no thought at all. Thank you for just being you Bats, and for helping me to keep it simple! 😀

  2. You’re absolutely right, Bats: discipline can (and should be) simple. “One foot in front of the other” should apply throughout our lives, but it’s so easy to forget. Thanks for the excellent reminder!

  3. Simplicity can be one of the most beautiful gifts we give ourselves. I love the idea of simplicity. My mortal enemy, the boss, hates it, he does. I generally do okay on stuff that some people would call small and scoff at, like finding the will to shave my face everyday. It’s amazingly hard. Then when I fail to meet such a simple daily goal, I’m too hard about it and call myself labels like “pathetic.” Good times.

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