Sunday Sayings

This is a lot like I get right before I swing way down into a black abyss of depression.  No emotion, no mania, no depression, just nothing.  I call it my gray area of Bipolar Disorder.  It sucks bat brains.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sayings

  1. I remember feeling that way back when they first started treating me for Major Depression. I described it as an “emotional straightjacket” because, although I had the same thoughts I always had about the world I saw around me, I wasn’t able to feel much of anything about it. As many times as I had dreamed of being able to witness the world without reaction, I found that no emotional reaction was way too much like not caring for my tastes, which seemed worse than caring too much somehow. They adjusted my meds enough so that it wasn’t so bad after a while, but I haven’t wished to be emotionless since…

    I hope the downward slide you’re expecting isn’t as bad this time Bats. Who knows, perhaps the meeting you talked about will help break the cycle…

  2. i think i know what you mean. Today i’m feeling very edgy, but it’s a real feeling and getting past it will be good for me. It’s part of feeling alive after i flt numb for so long. i hope you get through this soon, my friend.

  3. A few posts ago, you wrote that having and sticking to doing some things during the depression helps shorten it and make it not quite as bad.
    Hope you can do that during the next cycle.

  4. Not much I can say other than sometimes life can be so overwhelming, you have to take it just one minute at a time. One. Minute. At. A. Time. I know you can do it.

  5. I always feel weird ‘liking’ posts like this. I don’t ‘like’ it when you are sad. I tried medication for my mood swings, and the only one that worked at all made me feel… nothing… like you just said… I would rather have the peaks and the valleys. At least I get stuff done when I am at the higher elevations.
    I tried self-medicating when I was young… I tried it a lot. At least I could pick when I was up and down. But I am too old for that shit now.

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