Because Google changed their algorithms again, you all should know this. I think. Sometimes I’m too lazy to look for images, sometimes I like using images like on Keep It Simple Saturday and my new postings of Sunday Sayings. Change comes hard sometimes, I think. Maybe in the end it’s all work out better for us bloggers. I think.

Pouring My Art Out

Then I guess fewer people will see this…a 3Because Google sucks… get it?

Now that is what you call irony.

If you have no idea what I am talking about because you haven’t read the rest of the posts I have done on this subject, please click on this link to learn more about how Google is making it so that fewer people are finding their way to you blog.

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  1. I’m really unhappy with it. Image searches used to bring in half to three/quarters of all my visitors. Now it’s much less than half. Talk about feeling “used.” Those people no longer have to come to our blogs to see the big images.

  2. I’m not so bothered by the change in directing people to my blog — I’ve never gotten a lot of traffic anyway, and I haven’t noticed any difference since the change — but since mine’s a photo blog, my concerns are more to do with image usage over time. My own stuff is not stock photo quality, and I watermark and only upload small files anyway, but there are plenty of photogs out there who shoot popular subjects and upload larger files (and I’ve seen way too many with no watermarks, to boot). I’m a cynical person, so I would not be surprised if down the line Google is named in a plagiarism suit involving image copyrights.

  3. Hi Bats,
    I’m not personally affected because I don’t post my own images. But many of my blogging buddies are photographers and I’m sad that some have been hard hit by the changes.

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