Tied to Technology, Ya Think?

Plinky asked me: “What technological device could you not live without?

Oh jeesh Plinky and WordPress this one’s easy. I couldn’t and I mean couldn’t live without my computer. I know some of you thought I would say my Kindle but nope it’s my PC. I blog on it for cripes sake. I need my computer. For someone who suffers so deeply with anxiety and panic, it’s my gateway to the outside world. I’ve enjoyed so many interesting people through their blogs, twitter and facebook on my computer. I bank on my computer. I write on my computer. I listen to music and watch videos on my computer. I attend AA meetings on my computer. I research with my computer. My computer is a must, it’s something that is definitely a must and I probably take it for granted way too much. I wish it worked better and I wish they weren’t obsolete every six months but definitely something I wouldn’t want to live without for very long.

Okay, so I guess it’s actually my computer and the internet.

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